Celebrate spring break in Guadeloupe

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What if we went hunting for eggs under the coconut trees in Pointe-à-Pitre?
Pointe-à-Pitre en Guadeloupe avec Corsair

You have one month left to go to the islands of Guadeloupe from Bordeaux with Corsair! The company serves Pointe-à-Pitre with direct flights from Bordeaux until April 30, so it's now or never to fly to the Caribbean. 

With spring break just around the corner, what would you say to flying under the coconut trees for an unusual egg hunt? Between lush nature, sandy beaches, turquoise water and cultural treasures, Guadeloupe is an idyllic place, about 8h30 flight from Bordeaux. 

The airline Corsair offers 1 flight from Bordeaux to Pointe-à-Pitre per week, every Sunday. What are you waiting for?

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