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5 good reasons to go to Pointe-à-Pitre

Bask on dream beaches
Bask on dream beaches
Guadeloupe offers a fascinating variety of landscapes ranging from expanses of fine sand to volcanic beaches. Caravelle Beach in Sainte-Anne, Grande-Anse Beach in Deshaies, Pompierre Bay or La Feuillère Beach...there are so many exceptional spots for sunbathing in an idyllic setting.
A wealth of culinary delights to sample
A wealth of culinary delights to sample
You can certainly eat well in Guadeloupe. From coconut to mango and passion fruit, nature's offering of delicious fresh fruits is generous. Savour them raw, as juices or as sorbets. For those who love savoury food, colombo, smoked chicken, Creole blood sausage and salt cod accras (fritters) are the island's signature dishes.
Hike to the top of the volcano
Hike to the top of the volcano
Every year nearly 100,000 visitors come to visit the Soufrière volcano located in the Guadeloupe National Park. You can start climbing from several departure points. Once you reach the summit, at an altitude of 1,467 metres, you can enjoy an incredible view over the Basse-Terre mountain range, Grande-Terre and of the surrounding islands.
Visit a rum distillery
Visit a rum distillery
During your trip to Guadeloupe, you might taste the famous ti' punch. Trace its roots by visiting a rum distillery and learn all the secrets of how this spirit is made. The island's distilleries - Damoiseau, Longueteau, Bielle and Bellevue - welcome you for a visit, and how about a tasting session?
Dive in the crystalline Caribbean
Dive in the crystalline Caribbean
For scuba diving or snorkelling enthusiasts, Guadeloupe is the perfect destination! Put on your mask and embark on an exploration of the underwater fauna and flora. Opposite the beach of Malendure in Bouillante, for example, the Cousteau Reserve is an ideal spot to see coral reefs and turtles.

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Culture and history

The ACTe Memorial, in memory of those condemned to slavery

The ACTe Memorial, in memory of those condemned to slavery

The symbol of the 'new' Pointe-à-Pitre, the ACTe Memorial, or 'Caribbean Centre of Expressions and Memory of the Slave Trade and Slavery' is a museum that traces the history of slavery in an educational way. Its bold architecture and symbolic location make the ACTe Memorial a place of memory that you simply must visit during your stay in Guadeloupe.

An outstanding museum

The Saint-John Perse Museum is unique. You'll find the museum - dedicated to the work of the poet and diplomat Saint-John Perse, born in Pointe-à-Pitre in 1887 - in a house dating from 1880. With its Eiffel-style metal framework and balconies reminiscent of Louisiana, it is a remarkable residence. Inside, models display period clothing, and you can retrace the life of Saint-John Perse.

A church with a metal frame

A church with a metal frame

Take a detour to Place Gourbeyre and admire the bright exterior of the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (often wrongly described as a cathedral). The biggest surprise is to be found within: to withstand natural disasters, the roof of the building is supported by a metal structure. It was put up at the same time as the one in the central Saint-Antoine market.


Evenings in Le Gosier

Evenings in Le Gosier

Still just a fishing village about fifty years ago, Le Gosier has become the most popular beach resort in Guadeloupe... especially for night owls! A major party destination, it is home to trendy restaurants, bars and discos. If you feel lucky, you can even try the casino. Le Gosier is only a few kilometres from Pointe-à-Pitre.

The Saint-Antoine covered market

It's the early birds' meet-up place: the central market in Pointe-à-Pitre is bustling from 6 am in the morning. A trip to Grande-Terre wouldn't be complete without a browse among the stalls, rivalling each other with their tantalising colours and aromas. And even if not all the products are strictly-speaking local, the lively bustle of this market is worth the experience


Salt cod accras

Salt cod accras

Enjoy these small fried fish fritters with a spicy or hot chilli sauce. The delicacy is generally shared as an aperitif or starter. There are also shellfish accras, which are just as delicious!

Smoked chicken

This dish typical of the West Indies has a long culinary tradition. The chicken is marinated for a long time and then dried before being braised with sugar cane. It is served with the equally traditional sauce chien, a condiment that is very common in Caribbean cuisine.

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