Greece: 5 reasons to discover it

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Greece is the country that knows how to satisfy all desires. Dream beaches and sublime panoramas, it awaits you.

Greece immediately evokes the most beautiful ancient sites, real treasures such as the Acropolis of Athens. However, Greece enjoys countless other tourist attractions! Here are 5 reasons that will motivate you to discover it.

With its 14,000 km of coastline, it is not surprising to find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world here. The seabed is rich, put on your fins, mask and snorkel and discover what is hidden under your feet.

Greek food is based on fresh produce, which makes it a thousand times better and healthier.
In the restaurant, don't miss the specialities: Souvlakis, gyros, moussaka, Greek salads or octopus salads. Enjoy your meal!

Typical villages
Each island has its own architectural identity and perfectly combines old buildings with modern and more contemporary elements. Greece is often synonymous with small blue and white houses on the side of mountains. A real pleasure for the eyes.

Sleepless nights
Sit on the terrace of a bar or restaurant to enjoy the famous Greek sunset, then continue your evening and vibrate to the sound of the famous DJ mix until the early morning, at the foot of the beaches.

Remnants of the past
Falling under the spell of Greece means being enchanted by its countless historical sites: old towns, acropoles, churches and perched castles will punctuate your walks.

6 Greek destinations by direct flights from Bordeaux:

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