Working as a cab driver at the airport

Do you want to transport passengers to and from the airport? Find out all the information about your application and get a privileged access card.

Description of the accesses granted thanks to your subscription

Taxi Bordeaux Airport

In order to have privileged access, as close as possible to our facilities, on the lanes reserved for cabs, it is imperative that you register with the Parking Department and take out a subscription in order to obtain a subscription card. This is a paid annual subscription (see rate guide) which offers cab drivers:


  • Privileged and exclusive access to the waiting area for passenger pick-up (non-pre-ordered cabs) located on the arrival level for Bordeaux and Merignac cabs
  • Privileged and exclusive access to the reserved cab lane for drop-off located on the departure level
  • A number of additional passages outside the package in the airport parking lots subject to the tariffs in force.

How to take out a cab subscription at Bordeaux Airport?

  1. Fill in the "Taxi subscription - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport" Subscription Form and provide the required supporting documents (photocopy of the driver's license, the cab driver's professional card, the vehicle registration document for the vehicle for which the subscription is requested, the professional insurance certificate in force for the vehicle, the parking permit)
  2. Present yourself and submit the documents to the airport's Parking & Access department (first floor in the Hall A)
  3. Study of your request by the airport's Parking & Access department 
  4. Validation of your request: a card will be provided to you to access the airport's cab zones

Before sending your request to the parking department, please read the following documents:

For more information, please call 05 56 34 50 72 or send an email to

Questions / Answers

My company would like to meet and greet clients off their flights. Do you offer this kind of service?

We offer a selection of meet and greet services for professionals for all types of events: trade fairs and exhibitions, conventions, seminars, sports events, etc. Treat your VIP visitors and clients to a personalised welcome as soon as they touch down to create a good impression from the get-go. We offer a range of different signage, staff, logistics and sightseeing information services.  Find out more about our services.

Can I hire an office or lounge at the airport?

Yes, you can! A space dedicated to professional events and meetings is available in the public area of Hall A. Find out more and book a space.

What premises and rates are available for opening a branch at Bordeaux Airport?

Spread over 850 hectares, the airport offers a vibrant and booming economic environment. Hosting almost a hundred different companies and millions of passengers every year, Bordeaux Airport is the region's busiest and most dynamic economic area. Get all the information you need and find out more about availability and set-up conditions over on this page.

How do I open a branch at the airport?

Because Bordeaux Airport is in the French public domain, if you'd like to open a branch at the airport, you'll initially need to respond to a call for tenders. During this process, an operator for the type of business required is selected. Outside of tender periods, you can contact us with your ideas and introduce us to your business. Find out more and get in touch with us over here.

Who do I contact if I want to shoot a film at the airport?

If you would like to use the airport as a location for an upcoming production (advertising, film, television, etc.), please contact Pascale Boisseau on +33(0)5 56 34 50 74 or at All filming and photography must be approved by the airport in advance.

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