Brioche dorée

Brioche dorée

Restauration | Gourmandises | Snack

Delicious Brioche Dorée treats in Bordeaux Airport.


Tel:  +33 5 56 34 67 84
Website :


- Hall B (public area) - See on the map


Brioche Dorée at Bordeaux Airport

If you’re in the mood for a sweet or savoury pastry, sandwich, hot meal or another seasonal salad, head to La Brioche Dorée in the public area of Hall B. This café chain belongs to the Le Duff Group and is a leader on France’s fast food market, with more than 350 outlets. Because freshness is its top priority, it serves 100% French products made in the café itself. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some tasty food before you head to departures and it even has outdoor seating. 

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