Le Barista

Le Barista

Restauration | Café | Gourmandises

Ideal for cosy gourmet moments.


Tel:  +33 5 56 34 67 86


- Hall A (public area) - See on the map


Bordeaux Airport’s Le Barista

Bordeaux Airport’s Le Barista provides self-service food as well as a wide range of NESPRESSO coffees and treats. The cafe has been specially designed for the Airport and you will find it in the public walkway between Halls A and B. Le Barista has benches and wood furnishings, lending it a cosy, contemporary ambiance that’s perfect for tasty snack breaks. Salads and sandwiches are available from the self-service counters if you want a light meal. As for wine-lovers, they will enjoy this welcoming little spot all the more thanks to its interesting range of vintages. 

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