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Succumb to the delights of Bordeaux’s traditional canelé cakes.


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- Hall A (public area) - See on the map

- Hall B (boarding area) - See on the map

- Terminal billi (boarding area) - See on the map


Baillardran at Bordeaux Airport

Baillardran is a Bordeaux artisanal pastry brand. It is most famous for its canelés, but also sells macarons and nougatine sweets. It now has 17 shops in Bordeaux and the local region, including three in Bordeaux Airport. They are located in Hall A, Hall B and the walkway that connects the two. Combining expert baking skills and family traditions, the Maison Baillardran is a top supplier of canelés. These soft, delicious Bordeaux specialties with a caramelised topping and a vanilla and rum flavour are a real institution in the local area. 

To give you an idea of how much we love them here, 20,000 canelés are made every day – and that number triples come Christmas time! They come boxed and in three sizes, “bitesize”, “lunch” and “classic gold” (the last variety has a stronger vanilla flavour and is flambéed in aged rum). This is one Bordeaux souvenir you have to treat someone to – perhaps even yourself!

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