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5 good reasons to go to Algiers

Wander through a maze of winding streets
Wander through a maze of winding streets
Clad in dazzling, impeccable white, Algiers intrigues. What lies behind its sun-bleached walls? To find out, wander along the Algerian capital's narrow winding streets, soaking up colours and smells along the way. Head deep into the casbah to meet the locals.
Eclectic architecture
Eclectic architecture
Algiers reveals the full beauty of its buildings at every street corner. Mosques, palaces and memorials glitter everywhere you look, some infused with Ottoman tradition, others embodying contemporary Eastern charm at its best - the buildings here are an invitation to daydream.
Fizzing with culture
Fizzing with culture
Algeria's capital is jam-packed with museums! Art, history, archaeology and military museums are on hand to keep visitors entertained. The National Museum of Antiquities and Islamic Arts is crammed full of incredible pieces, while the Bardo and Fine Art museums offer up a little slice of Algiers' artistic heritage.
Unparalleled vistas
Unparalleled vistas
See Algiers at its best from on high. Hop in one of the city's four cable-cars and prepare to be blown away by the city's sweeping views. The cable-cars whisk you away to some truly remarkable sight-seeing locations, but the landscape is what truly captivates visitors.
Secret beaches
Secret beaches
Algiers doesn't necessary spring to mind for visitors looking for a beach destination. And yet the capital is studded with gorgeous beaches. Whether you like yours wild or urban, you'll find everything you need for the perfect, refreshing stop-off after a day of sight-seeing.

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Culture and history

An historic labyrinth

Hit the casbah for a journey through time! The old town sprung up in the 5th century AD. Settled since time immemorial, today it is home to some fascinating vestiges of the 17th and 18th centuries. Mosques and palaces are everywhere you look, waiting around every bend in this maze of streets. The casbah was granted World Heritage of Humanity status in 1992.

Between France and Algeria

Between France and Algeria

The Grand Post Office was designed by French architects and built in 1910. Its neo-Moorish style was in vogue at the time in France, and was chosen to symbolise a melding of French and Algerian cultures. This gorgeous monument is beautiful inside and out. The arches and domes are embellished with marble and faïence work to luxurious effect.

Algiers’s green lung

Algiers’s green lung

In the mood for some fresh air? The Jardin d’Essai is a little corner of paradise on Earth that will delight visitors looking for peace and quiet in the great outdoors. This lovely 32-hectare park encompasses French- and English-style gardens, a zoo, sculptures, fountains and a scattering of other surprises, and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world.


Algiers' brand-new opera house

Algiers' brand-new opera house

The opera house is just the place to go for a cultural night out with an Algerian accent. Inaugurated in 2016, the opera house puts on a fantastic line-up of events, from concerts to dance performances. Grab a ticket for Algiers and discover the local talent.

The Maison du Couscous

You can't leave town without trying a good couscous. The Maison du Couscous is one of Algiers’s star eateries, and one of the capital's rare few restaurants to serve up authentic national cuisine. Most couscous is prepared and eaten at home as a family meal. On the menu: Algerian couscous and rechta are sure to get your mouth watering.


Sfiria: Algerian croquettes

Sfiria is an Algiers speciality and one of the city's best-kept secrets. These bread-crumbed croquettes are made with egg, cinnamon and cheese and served with chickpeas and chicken.

Festive rechta

Festive rechta

Like chorba and couscous, rechta is generally served on religious feast days and public bank holidays. In this dish, semolina is swapped for pasta served with meat, courgettes, turnips and chickpeas, coated in a delicious cinnamon-infused white sauce - it's all about the rechta! This Algiers speciality makes for an excellent alternative to couscous.

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