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5 good reasons to go to Oran

A walk around the old town
A walk around the old town
The Algerian city is brimming with architectural gems. From the seafront, venture into the casbah (the Sidi El-Houari old district), admire the Pasha Mosque, the Spanish Gate, the train station, the majestic library, Bey's Palace, the old synagogues and churches, Santa-Cruz fort and the museums.
Doze off on golden beaches
Doze off on golden beaches
Its Mediterranean, seaside setting makes this Algerian city a joy for beach lovers. Head down to the sea to relax or catch your breath after a day exploring. The Corniche, Bousfer, Coralès and Andalusian beaches offer up sweeping stretches of golden sand. And for extra peace and quiet, wander further away from town.
Take in breath-taking views
Take in breath-taking views
Need your nature fix? There are two spots to add to your bucket list: Canastel Forest and the Ibn Badis Promenade. To get there, you'll need to prepare for a climb, but it's well worth the effort. Incredible views of the sea open up before your eyes from the top.
Captivating islands off Oran's coast
Captivating islands off Oran's coast
You don't need to catch a flight to get to the protected Habibas islands and Plane Island - you'll need to hop on a boat! You can either rent your own small boat or arrange a transfer. A day trip is enough to cruise around and soak up the gorgeous setting here.
Enjoy Algerian cuisine
Enjoy Algerian cuisine
Oran is home to a rainbow of mouth-watering delicacies. Try kalentika, the city's speciality, or tuck into one of the many other treats on offer, such as chorba, boureks, tajines, Algerian rechta, to name but a few. Arabic pastries are pure indulgence, oozing honey and studded with dried fruit and nuts: makrouds, baklava, gazelle horns, and the list goes on...

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Culture and history

A library in a cathedral

A library in a cathedral

Right in the heart of Oran lies a library in a cathedral! Built in 1984, the Sacred Heart was designed in the Roman-Byzantine style that was in vogue in early-19th-century France. Its golden dome, mosaics and cupolas make it one of the most iconic buildings in town and a must-see for visitors.

The Santa-Cruz chapel and fort

The Santa-Cruz chapel and fort

Perched high on the Aïdour mountain is the Santa-Cruz fort. Used by the Spanish to resist Ottoman invasion, it underwent many different renovations and alterations, culminating with French occupiers restoring the fort in the 19th century. Today, the structure is open to visitors. Further down the mountain is the Notre-Dame de Santa-Cruz chapel, a pretty white church that offers gorgeous views over Oran.

A trip to the Zabana museum

Soak up some culture at the Zabana museum. Its many different sections showcase artwork from the Algiers School and offer visitors a glimpse of the city's past. Fine art, prehistory, Islamic art and Oran's old town are all explored here, giving you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of this Algerian city. Many of the pieces on display were donated by archaeologist and museum founder Louis Demaëght.


A night at the theatre

A night at the theatre

During your time in Oran, why not enjoy a show in French or Arabic) at the Abdelkader Alloula regional theatre? A hefty line-up of events (stand-up, world music, etc.) are put on throughout the year in this spectacular venue. Built in 1900, this is an impressive setting for any show.

Oran's markets

If there's one sure-fire way of immersing yourself in local culture, it's a trip to one of Oran's markets. Michelet and Bastille are devoted to stall after stall of local produce, while Medina Jdida focuses on crafts (jewellery, leather, pottery, etc.) and spices.


Kalentika, an Algerian speciality

If there's one national speciality you have to try, it's kalentika, karentika or garentita. These flans are made with chickpea flower and seasoned with cumin. Kalentika is served in a sandwich. It takes its name from the Spanish word caliente, meaning hot.

Makrouds, northern Africa's pastries

Makrouds, northern Africa's pastries

Makrouds, or makrouts, are piled high in Algerian pastry shops and bakeries. This meltingly soft little diamond-shaped cakes are made from semolina dough stuffed with date paste. They are fried in oil and rolled in orange blossom-scented honey and are served with mint tea.

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