The Berber city of Agadir has become a must-see destination in Morocco. Head there now!

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5 good reasons to go to Agadir

Sunny Agadir
Sunny Agadir
With 300 days of sun a year, Agadir certainly can pride itself on being one of the sunniest destinations on the Atlantic coast. The pleasant weather is perfect for discovering the region all year round. The sun is particularly strong between April and October, so make sure you protect yourselves properly!
Dream-like beaches
Dream-like beaches
Agadir is said to have the most beautiful beach in Morocco. Feast your eyes on it and dip your feet in the soft sand, and you will be convinced. Stretching out over 10 km along the coast, this beach is ideal for basking in the sun. Not far from Agadir, other just as magnificent shorelines will give you a taste of the tranquil environment.
A wide selection of activities
A wide selection of activities
Morocco can be explored on horseback or on a camel. Agadir’s beaches and surroundings are particularly suitable for enjoyable rides on the back of our animal friends. Sport enthusiasts will also find everything they are looking for: golfing and surfing are on-trend activities. Book your flight to Agadir and choose between the impressive waves and the hilly golf greens!
Luxuriant nature
Luxuriant nature
At first, it may seem hard to believe that Agadir can be considered green. The surrounding landscape seems rather desert-like. And yet the city has countless palm groves and gardens, providing a welcome breath of fresh air. Brightened up with flowers, trees, fountains and waterfalls, these natural or man-made oases are the city’s greenbelt.
On a search for well-being
On a search for well-being
With massages, hammams and more, Agadir is an enchanting place for travellers who wish to relax. Wellness salons offer relaxation rituals using traditional products such as Argan oil. A little extra from a surprising destination that will thrill your five senses.

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Culture and history

A witness to history

A witness to history

Towering proudly over the city, Agadir’s Kasbah is a fortress erected during the 16th century. It was destroyed twice following earthquakes. Parts of it were rebuilt after 1960. Initially designed to protect the city lying within its walls, the Kasbah offers a spectacular view over Agadir and its bay.

Delving into Amazigh culture

Travelling to Agadir means getting to know the different populations who made Morocco what it is today. The Amazigh culture museum is ideal for learning more about Berber customs. Art and know-how are revealed throughout the visit. Not to be missed under any circumstances: the treasure room, home to a remarkable piece.

A little corner of paradise

A little corner of paradise

Appearing as a touch of green within the desert, Paradise Valley emerges from a small canyon. The arid slopes of nearby mountains give way to a stunning abundance of life. Turquoise and emerald waters channel their way through. You can even swim there! Enjoy the natural pools, into which the waterfalls cascade.


Heading to the souk

Heading to the souk

Agadir’s souk is one of the biggest in Morocco. Going there means diving into a sea of flavours and scents. Spices and leathers will make your senses go dizzy. Admire the local crafts and know-how. The stalls are bursting with rugs, pottery, jewellery, fabric and many other typical goods. You should know that prices are not set in stone, and haggling is quite common.

Pure passion

Seeing the fishermen come back to shore laden with full nets makes the chefs in Agadir extremely happy. Fresh fish and seafood come first on all menus. One of the best restaurants in city, Pure Passion, welcomes you along the marina. Delicious calamari dishes can be savoured there. For dessert and to delight your taste buds, they serve date crème brûlée and argan oil ice cream.


Typical harira

As couscous is not the only typical dish in Morocco, the country’s other flavours are well worth trying too. One of Morocco’s specialities is harira. This soup is made with chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes and meat, seasoned with herbs and spices. It is one of the dishes prepared during Ramadan. This thick, rich soup feels so good after a whole day of fasting.

The famous tagine

The famous tagine

Along with couscous, tagines are one of Morocco’s culinary specialities. Vegetables, dried fruit and meat (chicken, lamb, etc.) make up this balanced dish. In Agadir, it is seasoned with argan oil. This oil will be your golden thread woven through your trip to Morocco. It is used everywhere - from beauty to cooking!

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