At the crossroads between the East and West, Dubrovnik has many tales to tell!

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5 good reasons to go to Dubrovnik

A historical and cosmopolitan city
A historical and cosmopolitan city
Formerly known as Ragusa, Dubrovnik is proud of being a city brimming with historical monuments. The Roman, Venetians, Byzantines and many more left their mark. Discover them as you wander through the city streets. Beautiful ramparts, monasteries, palaces and forts appear at every corner. A real treat for the eyes!
Divine beaches
Divine beaches
With its Mediterranean climate, Dubrovnik is perfect for a chilled beach holiday. Enjoy relaxing by the Adriatic Sea! Dream-like beaches and crystal-clear waters at 25°C in the summer will put you under the city’s spell. Whether you prefer going snorkelling or tanning on the warm sand, there is something for everyone.
Dubrovnik, a lively city
Dubrovnik, a lively city
There are lots of events and festivals organised there. In July and August, the city hosts the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Book your flight now to attend this amazing event! Concerts and plays are scheduled all over town. To dance all night, head to the Revelin Club in the medieval fort.
A thousand flavours to taste
A thousand flavours to taste
Croatian gastronomy draws inspiration from the different civilisations that occupied the country over the centuries. This means you can enjoy a delicious combination of Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Black risotto, octopus salad, quince cake, dried fruit, rožata and many other specialities are on the menu.
Islands at your fingertips
Islands at your fingertips
Croatia also boasts many islands. Hop on a boat from Dubrovnik and set sail towards Lokrum, Lopud and Koločep. Take a short trip across the water to get away from the crowds and enjoy some amazing landscapes. In fact, when taking Dubrovnik’s cable car, you can catch a glimpse of Lokrum - and the view is incredible.

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Culture and history

Dubrovnik’s Dominican monastery

Dubrovnik’s Dominican monastery

Founded in the 13th century, the Dominican monastery was constantly revamped over the following centuries. Its sober Gothic style reveals a lovely cloister, a church and a religious art museum. The latter houses precious paintings and manuscripts. You can also visit Dubrovnik's Franciscan monastery.

Rector’s Palace

Rector’s Palace

Many luxurious palaces are hidden within the walls of the city, among these is the Rector’s Palace. This 15th century monument boasts various styles thanks to the many successive improvements made to it. The city’s History Museum is located on the first floor and contains the Rector’s dwellings. You can also visit the galleries and prison.

All around the city

Running for 2 km and reaching 25 m high, the ramparts protect the old town and make for a beautiful walk. An inner and outer belt also ensure the double defence of Dubrovnik. Have fun spotting the town’s main monuments every time you stop.  


A bustling old town

A bustling old town

The old town is a pleasant place to hang out in Dubrovnik, especially in the evening. Go out for a drink, grab a bite to eat, go to a club or watch the street entertainment in the medieval part of the city. There is a pleasant, easy-going atmosphere there when the sun goes down.

Dubrovnik, centre stage

For a spectacular visit, head to Dubrovnik’s theatre - also known as the Rector’s theatre. This magnificent building hosts a wide variety of events. Dance, theatre, concerts, and more are open to all. An excellent way to get to know Croatian culture.


Dalmatian risotto

Dalmatian risotto

On the Croatian coast, locals cuisine is comprised mainly of seafood such as octopus and cuttlefish. You can easily find dishes such as Dalmatian octopus salad and black risotto, known as Crni rižot at a number of restaurants.  Black risotto is made by mixing the rice with cuttlefish and its ink to give it its colour.

Croatian crème brûlée

If you fancy a sweet treat, try some tasty Croatian delights like quince cake, dried fruits and rožata. This exquisite dessert is a cross between a flan and a crème brûlée. Rožata is made with eggs, milk and sugar, and flavoured with rose - hence its name. Some make it with orange, raisins, almonds, etc.

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