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Lamezia is a must-visit gem in the heart of Calabria.

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5 good reasons to go

Escape to some ancestral thermal baths
Escape to some ancestral thermal baths
Lamezia's full name is Lamezia Terme. The benefits of Lamezia's thermal water have been renowned since ancient times, so make the most of the sulphurous water at 39°C at the Caronte thermal baths. This modern establishment offers you a wellbeing break and a free outdoor pool, open to everyone all year round.
National parks on your doorstep
National parks on your doorstep
The Aspromonte, Sila and Pollino National Parks are less than two hours away. Striking landscapes and villages make for a picturesque setting. On the way, you will see some magnificent waterfalls and an abundance of fauna and flora. The parks are a perfect place for sports lovers in both summer and winter.
Sunbathe on enchanting beaches
Sunbathe on enchanting beaches
Calabria is dotted with sublime beaches perfect for basking in the sun. About an hour's drive from Lamezia, you can dive into the crystal clear waters of Caminia, Tropea and Soverato. Both the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea offer dream beaches that beckon, while Diamante beach, a little further away, is a true haven of beauty.
An explosion of spicy flavours
An explosion of spicy flavours
As expected, the region boasts a rich gourmet heritage. Of course, the seafood pasta, stuffed aubergines and cheeses are all excellent, but what you may not have heard is that Calabria is also famous for its little red chilli peppers! Savour its carefully dosed flavour in sausages or pasta sauce.
At the gates of Sicily
At the gates of Sicily
Located in the Mezzogiorno region of Italy, Lamezia is perfectly placed for stopovers in Sicily! The emblematic island harbours many treasures: Etna, Palermo, ancient sites, nature reserves, breathtaking beaches and more. It would be a shame to miss all this when purchasing a place ticket to Lamezia.

To see / do

Culture and history

The castle and the bastion: twin treasures of Lamezia

The castle and the bastion: twin treasures of Lamezia

The Italian city possesses two major ruins: the castle and the bastion. Contrary to what its name implies, the Norman castle was built in the 9th century by the Byzantines. From the top of its hill, it towers over Nicastro, a town in Lamezia. Extend your trip with a visit to the bastion of Malta. The watchtower, dating from 1550, protected the coast from possible Ottoman invasions.

Take a tour in the museums

Two interesting museums will entice culture-thirsty travellers. At the Archaeological Museum, you can immerse yourself in the history of the city and the region, tracing all the way back to prehistoric times. In the Episcopal Palace, the Diocesan Museum displays a stunning collection of sacred art, where paintings, relics and other pieces are sure to make an impression.

The former abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo

The abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo is nestled close to Lamezia. Built by monks in the 11th century, it was rebuilt many times and its structure was weakened by the 1638 and 1783 earthquakes. Today, the abbey is a ruin that offers a slice of history in a very beautiful setting.


Fresh air at Parco Dossi-Comuni

About 6 km from the centre of Lamezia, Parco Dossi-Comuni spreads out over 60 hectares of unspoilt land. The park combines botanical gardens with a pine forest to wonderful effect. You will come across pine trees, of course, but also palm trees, medicinal plants, other trees and more. This oasis is the ideal place for a stroll, and the adventure course will appeal to adults and children alike.

A tour of the Lamezia region

A tour of the Lamezia region

Leave Lamezia behind for a quick trip around the rest of Calabria. Many villages and towns within a 100 km radius are well worth a visit. You will love Tropea, Stilo, Vibo Valentia and Catanzaro for their authenticity. Take a day to visit them, enjoying the historical monuments, museums, parks and restaurants along the way.


‘Nduja, a spicy sausage

‘Nduja, a spicy sausage

A renowned product of the region is soppressata or 'Nduja', which will certainly rouse your tastebuds! This sausage is made with pork meat and Calabrian chilli pepper, the piparedduzzu. Spread on bruschetta or added to pasta sauce, Italians enjoy 'Nduja' in any way they can.

Calabrian penne

Southern Italy is proud to have its very own regional pasta recipe: Calabrian penne. These striated pasta are served with a rich tomato sauce featuring anchovies, tuna, green and black olives, and sometimes capers. You have to try this iconic dish! 

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