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5 good reasons to go to Santorini

Multi-coloured beaches
Multi-coloured beaches
Santorini’s unusual beaches are unlike any you’ve seen before. They come in lots of different shades of white, black and red, all bordered by the turquoise blue sea. If you want to see the island’s black, volcanic sand, head to Vlihada, Kamari or Baxedes-Paradeisos. The stunning Red Beach and beautiful White Beach are just as described!
Perfect for romance
Perfect for romance
Santorini is a romantic paradise island! This Greek island is the ideal, idyllic setting for a romantic getaway. Head to one of the hotel complexes for a good pampering session. Several hotels offer special access to some of Santorini’s finest beaches. There’s definitely magic at work here!
The sunset over Oia
The sunset over Oia
Oia is a pretty, typically-Greek village in the northern tip of Santorini. It has lots of little white houses and blue dome rooves. It’s definitely worth visiting the Maritime Museum, Museum of Musical Instruments and the castle ruins. But what makes Oia so special is its view over the bay and its incredible sunsets.
Volcanic hot water springs
Volcanic hot water springs
The Santorini archipelago was formed when the volcanic caldera was flooded. The volcano, which is still active, formed the island of Nea Kameni. Once you’ve climbed the volcano and enjoyed the unrivalled view over the bay, why not unwind in the hot water springs. It’s rather magical bathing in this supernatural volcanic setting.
Fresh, light food
Fresh, light food
Greek food is unbelievably tasty. In Santorini, why not order a meze, stuffed vine leaves, Greek salad, moussaka, kleftiko or keftedes, which are absolutely divine. For dessert, have some refreshing fruit or yoghurt with honey. Don’t forget to finish off with a coffee or ouzo, an alcoholic drink flavoured with aniseed.

To see / do

Culture and history

Fira, your first stop on Santorini

Fira, your first stop on Santorini

Fira is a great place to start exploring Santorini. When you visit Fira, you either need to climb lots of steps or take the cable car. The city’s adorable little streets lead to beautiful cathedrals, the Archaeological Museum of Thera, Santozeum Museum, and you’ll have stunning views at every turn. From different lookout points, you’ll enjoy impressive views over the caldera.

Incredible ancient sites

Incredible ancient sites

Archaeological digs have revealed that Santorini was inhabited in 2,000 BC. Archaeological sites at Akrotiri and Thera provide remarkable evidence of this fact. Visit these ancient cities for an insight into the island’s fascinating history.

Raise a glass to wine cellars

Santorini’s volcanic soil is extremely fertile and therefore perfect for vine-growing. Head to the island’s wine sellers and vineyards to learn more about local wines, especially vinsanto. Vinsanto is a sweet wine made from several varieties of grape such as Athiri, Assyrtiko,  and Aidini. Wine-tasting is definitely in order!


On the island of Thirasia

If you’d like to explore beyond the main island, then head to Thirasia. The island looks similar to Santorini but it’s significantly quieter as it has fewer visitors. Head to Thirasia by boat and explore Manolas port and Korfos village. Climb the steps in Manolas to gaze out over Santorini. The perfect, little hideaway on this Greek archipelago!

A mythical hike

A mythical hike

Escape to the countryside by hiking from Fira to the stunning town of Oia. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes to walk this hiking path as some parts are pretty steep. When you stop for a break, you can admire the scenic views. The path is punctuated by charming, little villages.


Santorini tomato balls

Tomatokeftedesis a traditional dish from Santorini. Your taste buds are in for a real treat! Tomatokeftedes are tasty, little tomato fritters made from tomato, feta and a few aromatic herbs such as mint. They’re then fried in olive oil and served warm. Dipped in tzatziki, they’re simply divine.

The famous kleftiko

The famous kleftiko

Kleftiko is a delicious Greek dish that will melt your taste buds. Marinated lamb is cooked slowly in the oven with potatoes, tomatoes and feta. In different regions of Greece, other vegetables are sometimes added. Originally, the whole dish was stewed over the glowing embers of a fire. 

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