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5 good reasons to go to Luxembourg

Staggering architectural prowess
Staggering architectural prowess
Luxembourg City is where historical gravitas and cultural vibrancy meet. Vestiges of the past have been transformed into artistic hubs and museums, breathing new life into the remainders of former glory. Neumünster Abbey is one of the most spectacular examples of this revival. Expect an array of prestigious sites scattered across the country!
An unforgettable cultural experience
An unforgettable cultural experience
The capital boasts seven highly renowned museums that form the backbone of its cultural heritage. The three we love best include the National Museum of History and Art for archaeology enthusiasts, the Villa Vauban for 17th- to 19th-century art lovers and the MUDAM for modern art fans.
Lose yourself in the wilderness
Lose yourself in the wilderness
The city is home to some gorgeous green spaces that are perfect for a relaxed stroll. The Édouard André, Tony Neuman and Merl parks are all welcome breaks from the hubbub of city life. Get out of the capital and explore the Ardennes and the Mullerthal region, Luxembourg's very own 'Little Switzerland'. The luscious countryside here is peppered with awe-inspiring castles.
Festivities and celebrations
Festivities and celebrations
Luxembourg is full of life, with events taking place throughout the year. Plan ahead and grab tickets for key events before booking your flight! Summer in the City, Rock um Knuedler, Blues’n Jazz Rallye, Festival Omni, Night of the Museums, Luxembourg Light Festival, City Film Festival… You're going to have to choose wisely.
Wander along the wine route
Wander along the wine route
No trip to Luxembourg would be complete without experiencing its famous wine route. Venture through the Vallée de la Moselle valley and take in the sights offered up by the gorgeous vineyards. The wine-makers here are only too happy to welcome visitors looking to find out more about the Grand Duchy's tipples. Pinot noir, pinot grigio and pinot blanc, as well as chardonnay and more all jostle for attention.

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Immerse yourself in Luxembourg's past

Immerse yourself in Luxembourg's past

The fortress that once stood guard over Luxembourg was sprawled across 180 hectares. Today, only a few ramparts and ruins remain. Fort Thüngen is one of them, and has since been transformed into the Dräi Eechelen museum. The permanent exhibition on display here looks back over the history of Luxembourg and its fortress, with temporary exhibitions added to the mix. An unmissable experience.

The Bock casemates

For nearly four centuries, Luxembourg found itself under foreign occupation. With each new siege the fortress was reinforced, which is how the underground fortifications known as the Bock casements came to be. Underground tunnels and galleries were built over 23 kilometres and fitted with stables, kitchens and other spaces designed to protect the local population in the event of an attack. Prepare to have your mind blown as you step inside this subterranean labyrinth.

The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace awaits on Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes. Although the building saw the day in the 16th century, it only became the official Grand Duchy residence in 1890. Its Renaissance-era façade is a sight to behold, and is responsible for making the palace one of the city's biggest attractions. Guided tours of the inside of the palace run throughout the summer.


A concert at the Philharmonie

A concert at the Philharmonie

Luxembourg's capital is home to the Philharmonie, one of Europe's most stunning concert halls. The incredible architecture here and modular acoustics make it one of the best places to hear live music. Three halls are given over to performers of all types, from classical musicians to jazz and folk singers.

A day at the abbey

Luxembourg's ancient Neumünster Abbey is now home to an impressive cultural centre. During your time in the city, don't miss out on the opportunity to spend an evening in this 17th-century complex. Exhibitions, dance shows, theatre, concerts and conferences take place here throughout the year.


Kuddelfleck: a surprising dish

One of Luxembourg's traditional delicacies is kuddelfleck, tripe cooked with fragrant herbs before being coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Kuddelfleck is often served with a spicy sauce.

Mussels, Luxembourg-style

Mussels, Luxembourg-style

Belgium and Lille aren't the only ones with hefty mussel power! Luxembourg puts its own spin on this tasty classic. In Luxembourg, mussels are cooked with leek, celery, shallots and white wine: a simple, hearty, flavoursome dish served with a side of classic chips.

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