Take a flight to stunning Strasbourg, a city that blends tradition and modernity.

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5 good reasons to go to Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the centre of Europe
Strasbourg, the centre of Europe
The Capital of Europe is home to some of the continent’s greatest organisations. Why not go on a tour the European Quarter in Strasbourg! The Council of Europe, European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights are all right here. Head to the Lieu d’Europe, home to an exhibition explaining Europe’s history, culture and values.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site
A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Strasbourg’s Grande Île and Neustadt are architectural masterpieces and as such have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you wander around the city and picturesque La Petite France district, you’ll come across the beautiful cathedral, St. Thomas’ Church, Kammerzell House, Egyptian House, Kléber Square and lots more!
The Vauban Dam
The Vauban Dam
The dam was built as a defensive weapon: the land could be flooded, making it impenetrable for the enemy. Today, the dam’s panoramic terrace offers a beautiful view over the pretty streets of La Petite France. The terrace is particularly pleasant with all its greenery. The dam spans the river Ill and has been restored to a high standard.
The routes of Alsace
The routes of Alsace
Strasbourg is a green city that lies on the banks of the river Ill. It’s also a historic city with stunning landmarks. If you want to explore the Alsation countryside and culture in all its glory, you can travel along: the Ridge Route for its incredible views of the countryside, the Wine Route, Castle Route or even the Sauerkraut Route!
Try Alsatian cuisine
Try Alsatian cuisine
Alsace is well-known for its good food. Live like the locals and order a beer or white wine with baeckeoffe, flammenküeche or sauerkraut. Meat is served with a delicious pasta dish called spätzle. For dessert, try the kougelhopf. If you fancy a quick snack, the salted or sweet bretzel will do the trick.

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Culture and history

Strasbourg Notre-Dame Cathedral

Strasbourg Notre-Dame Cathedral

If you come to Strasbourg, you have to visit Notre-Dame Cathedral. The building is Gothic in style and simply stunning! The talent of the builders and sculptors of the Middle Ages shines through in the detail on the cathedral’s façade. And there’s a little gem hidden inside the building: an astronomical clock. Every day at 12:30pm, the automated figures appear from the clock and put on a show.

The European Parliament

It would be a shame to visit Strasbourg and not go and see one of the European institutions. Take a tour around the modern-looking building of the European Parliament. This is the meeting place for European politicians. Visit the Hemicycle and parlamentarium Simone Veil for a fun insight into the role of the European Parliament.

Explore the best museums

Explore the best museums

Strasbourg lies on the river Rhine and is home to tons of museums. There are three just in Rohan Palace: the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Decorative Arts Museums. The Alsatian Museum and MAMCS (modern and contemporary art) Museum are also worth a visit, as are the Museum of Seismology, Planetarium and Le Vaisseau science centre which runs special workshops. Strasbourg even has a Voodoo Museum!


Head to the opera and dine in style

Head to the opera and dine in style

For a truly magical evening, visit the Strasbourg Opera House. Throughout the year, the venue hosts recitals, dance shows and operas. And unusually, the Opera House also offers insider dining experiences on stage and in the wings. Don’t wait too long to make a reservation!

Take a seat in a winstub

Have you heard of the bouchon cafés in Lyon? Well, winstubs are the Strasbourg version. As in Lyon, you get to eat delicious, local food in a traditional setting. Head to La Petite France to find a pretty, little winstub where you can enjoy a large plate of sauerkraut.


Baeckeoffe, Alsatian gratin

Baeckeoffe is a tasty, traditional, hearty dish. To make Baeckeoffe, you need to marinate beef, lamb, pork and vegetables overnight in white wine. The next day, you put alternate layers of the mixture and potato slices in a dish. An exquisite smell radiates from the oven!

Flammenküeche, an Alsatian pizza

Flammenküeche, an Alsatian pizza

Flammenküeche is the Alsatian version of a pizza and is very popular with visitors. Flammenküeche has a thin, bread base. which is covered in crème fraîche, fromage blanc, onion and bacon lardons. Flammenküeche is flame-baked in a wood-fire oven to make the dough really crispy.

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