Let Munich's charm work its magic during a stay in Bavaria's capital.

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5 good reasons to go to Munich

Munich's luscious parks
Munich's luscious parks
As well as its spectacular architecture, Munich is home to a smattering of gorgeous parks and gardens. The Olympic park, Westpark, the garden at Nymphenburg Palace and the English garden are some of the city's best green spots. These sweeping spaces are perfect for catching your breath in the midst of nature.
Historic old town gems
Historic old town gems
Munich's town centre is home to some architectural delights that must be seen to be believed. Head to Marienplatz to kick-start your Munich adventure. The Frauenkirche and St. Peter's Church are pure masterpieces, with bell towers that are open to the public and offer sweeping views from their tops. The city hall is another sight to behold.
Visit some fascinating museums
Visit some fascinating museums
Like most other major German cities, Munich does museums with style. Prepare to be dazzled at the Deutsches Museum, the city's three art galleries, the Lenbachhaus and Brandhorst art museums, the Palaeontological Museum, the BMW museum and the Bavaria film studios. This is a multi-faceted city that will keep you guessing.
Experience unforgettable events
Experience unforgettable events
Munich is world-renowned for its Oktoberfest. Millions of visitors take to the streets to quench their thirst from mid-September to early October against a backdrop of shows and orchestras. But Munich hosts lots of other events, too: The Opera Festival, the Theatron Summer Festival and Bayern football matches are highlights.
Sample Bavarian cuisine
Sample Bavarian cuisine
It's all about the dried and cured meats in Germany, and Munich is no exception. Sausages rule here, and weißwurst in particular. Locals are also big fans of pretzels and cake. Plum tart, strudel and kaiserschmarrn are a pure joy for visitors of all ages. Meals are often served with the city's ubiquitous beer.

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Munich's St. Peter's Church

The Cathedral Church of Our Lady is easy to spot thanks to the teal domes that top its bell towers. But the most eye-catching church here is St. Peter's Church. This 13th-century building underwent countless alterations. While the outside is decked out in Gothic splendour, the inside is a fine example of Baroque design. Climb to the top of the spire for breath-taking views.

The unmissable Olympic Park

The unmissable Olympic Park

Built in 1972, the Olympic Park boasts a stadium and an arena. A host of different sports events take place here, as well as general public events. Explore the area on foot or use the little sight-seeing train or zip-line! For sweeping views over Munich, head for the top of the Olympic tower.  

Meet the nymphs

Meet the nymphs

Nymphenburg Palace or 'the Castle of the Nymph' is just as impressive as Versailles. This 17th-century gem was the summer residence of the princes and kings of Bavaria, and is a staggering blend of Baroque, rococo and neoclassical styles. Examine the intricate details of each of the opulent rooms, and follow up with a stroll around the gardens.


Enjoy a pint in a Biergarten

Meeting for a beer at the weekend or in the evening is a German tradition. But choose your watering hole wisely! Locals prefer hanging out in biergartens, or beer gardens. These are the perfect places to sip at a pint in the fresh air, sitting at one of the long tables and soaking up the atmosphere.

A night at the Gasteig

A night at the Gasteig

If it's music you're after, head to the Gasteig cultural centre. This is where the Münchener Philharmoniker orchestra performs. Opened in 1985, the venue hosts a number of events for you to enjoy during your stay in Bavaria.


The Bavarian sausage with Austrian roots

The Bavarian sausage with Austrian roots

Sausages are a staple on all restaurant menus, and Munich's favourite is weißwurst. This white sausage is made from pork, veal and a scattering of herbs. Germans and Austrians adore this sausage, and generally eat it for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, it's served with potatoes and cabbage.

Kaiserschmarrn, a must-try for pancake fans

Another Austrian speciality that Munich locals have embraced is kaiserchmarren. This dessert is made up of thick shredded pancakes.  The pieces are slathered in fruit, especially raisins, and sugar. Add ice-cream, compote, jam, and just about anything else you can think of to build your own.

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