Soak up the sunshine in Montpellier, capital of France's Hérault region, in a whirlwind city break!

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5 good reasons to go to Montpellier

Take in some incredible monuments
Take in some incredible monuments
The ancient city of Montpellier is scattered with spectacular buildings and architecture. Wander down the medieval streets in the historic Écusson district and marvel at the city's major sights. The Place de la Comédie, the Saint-Pierre cathedral, the Jewish mikveh, the gorgeous fountains, the medicine faculty building and the Peyrou are all portals that'll whisk you away back through the mists of time.
Stop off at some fascinating museums
Stop off at some fascinating museums
It's all about culture in Montpellier. Galleries and artistic hubs such as the Panacée and the Carré Saint-Anne host an array of exhibitions and events, while the Musée Fabre and Musée Atger museums are home to dazzling art collections. Montpellier's History Museum and the Musée du Vieux Montpellier are also well-worth a visit.
Experience the diversity of southern France's countryside
Experience the diversity of southern France's countryside
If it's fresh air you're after, stroll along the Promenade du Peyrou and catch your breath in the 16th-century Jardin des Plantes, France's oldest botanical garden and a wonderful break from the city bustle. Day-trippers will enjoy heading for the surrounding vineyards, exploring the banks of the Étang de l’Or lake or hitting the nearby Mediterranean beaches.
Embrace vibrant city-living, Montpellier style
Embrace vibrant city-living, Montpellier style
Catch a flight to Montpellier and enjoy all the energetic effervescence of a French city. There's so much to do here, you'll be spoilt for choice! Radio France, the Festival des Fanfares, Wild Summer Festival, the Printemps des Comédiens, Montpellier Danse, the international extreme sports festival, the Estivales, and the list goes on. There really is something for everyone!
Sink your teeth into the flavours of Occitanie
Sink your teeth into the flavours of Occitanie
Montpellier's local cuisine is probably France's best-kept secret. The produce and specialities here are mind-blowingly good, from foie gras and figs to crab, crayfish, truffles, wines and bull meat... Locally-caught fish is used to prepare a regional take on a classic bouillabaisse, and when it comes to dessert, expect grisettes (sweets) and oreillettes (flaky fritters).

To see / do

Culture and history

Place de la Comédie, where time stands still

Place de la Comédie, where time stands still

Montpellier's epicentre is the Place de la Comédie square, an oval-shaped esplanade that locals refer to as 'the Egg', encircled by formidable 19th-century buildings and home to the unmissable Trois Grâces fountain and the opulent Comédie opera house. The Italian-style concert hall at the Comédie is simply magical.

Montpellier's cathedral

Montpellier's cathedral

Built in the 14th century and consecrated in the 16th century, Saint-Pierre cathedral is an impressive feat of architectural prowess. Extended and altered over the centuries, the result is a harmonious blend of southern Roman and Gothic influences. The porch is bracketed by two turrets that lend the cathedral a castle-like feel.

Get some fresh air on the Promenade

A few minutes away from the cathedral lies the Promenade du Peyrou, a panoramic viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the city. Built in the 17th and 18th centuries, the promenade is studded with architectural gems that delight visitors: the water tower, the Porte du Peyrou arch, a statue of Louis XIV and the gardens.


An art lover's paradise at the Panacée

An art lover's paradise at the Panacée

A five-minute walk away from the Musée Fabre, the Panacée is a fantastic arts centre where visitors will find year-round exhibitions as well as conferences and round-table debates. The Panacée does more than just exhibit art - it aims to bring art to life.

A temple to art

The Carré Sainte-Anne is a quirky little site set up in an old church, the bell tower of which is still standing today. This cultural centre is open to all members of the public, and hosts exhibitions - but visitors flock here simply to marvel at the original setting of the building itself. The Carré organises a plethora of festivals throughout the year.  


Gardianne, Camargue's local stew

Gardianne, Camargue's local stew

Thanks to its proximity to Camargue, Montpellier's cuisine draws heavily on the region's finest produce. Montpellier locals love nothing more than a steaming plate of gardianne, a Camargue bull-meat stew in which the meat is left overnight to soak up the flavours of red wine, carrots, onion and celery before being left to simmer and plated up with rice.

Nostalgic sweet treats

Grisettes are the city's most iconic sweets. Shaped like marbles and flavoured with honey and liquorice, grisettes were originally prescribed as medicine. Over time, they became Montpellier locals' favourite treat, and it's said that this is France's oldest known sweet.

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