Tucked away in a gulf, Figari is an enchanting place!

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5 good reasons to go to Figari

Unspoilt historical heritage
Unspoilt historical heritage
Figari and its surroundings have very interesting archaeological sites to visit. Delve into the island’s thousand-year history with a visit to Pianottoli-Caldarello, Cucuruzzu, Capula, etc. Make the most of these trips to explore surrounding villages, as well as the citadels in Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, less than 20 km away from Figari.
Relaxing on heavenly beaches
Relaxing on heavenly beaches
Corsica has never been shy about its beautiful postcard-like beaches. Relaxing on the hot sand or diving into the crystal-clear waters is like a dream come true. In the Gulf of Figari, spend your time relaxing in stunning coves and beaches, with pine forests and mountains in the background.
Figari = 1,000 activities
Figari = 1,000 activities
Fancy enjoying some sporting activities in a unique setting? Book your flight and head to Figari! The seaside town and its surroundings are perfect for all kinds of leisure activities: deep-sea diving, surfing, hiking, horse-riding, and more! You will discover southern Corsica like never before.
Stunning landscapes
Stunning landscapes
The Island of Beauty owes its nickname to its magnificent landscapes. Discover them as you travel through the maquis shrubland. Countless hiking trails run through Corsica, including the GR20 that stretches from the North to the South of the island. On the way, you will come across Genoese Towers, waterfalls and more. The Bruzzi trail is a beautiful walk which leads to some lovely coves.
Enjoy authentic gastronomy
Enjoy authentic gastronomy
The island has been renowned for its cured meats and cheeses for centuries. On the seaside, like in Figari, fish and seafood dishes are king. For a sweet treat, fruit and biscuits are enjoyed by all. Figari’s surroundings are rich in vineyards, producing very good wines.

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Culture and history

Figari, traditional Corsica

Figari, traditional Corsica

Figari is a tranquil Mediterranean village which delights visitors with its picturesque charm. The houses in its narrow streets are an example of typical Corsican architecture. Its stone and tile church is really worth a visit. Built towards the end of the 18th century, it boasts a post-Baroque style. Inside, its chequered floor comes as a contrast with the simple decor.

Cucuruzzu and Capula

Cucuruzzu is just a 1 hour drive away from Figari. The fortified casteddu dates back to the Bronze Age. Classified as a historical monument, it is surrounded by a solid wall and boasts an imposing tower - the torra. Just a little further away lies Capula. This castle was occupied until the Middle Ages. 

Sartène - filled with Corsican history

Sartène - filled with Corsican history

Not to be missed: A getaway to Sartène! “The most Corsican of Corsican towns” was founded by the Genoese in the 16th century, on the side of the Pitraghju rock. The old town, its port and the Governor’s palace all bear testimony to an eventful past. A prehistoric museum displays invaluable collections showing the traces of the first Corsicans to live there.


Discover some regional produce

Travelling to Corsica is so much more than just roaming through its beautiful landscapes. Head to the farms and wine cellars near Figari. Local producers are happy to welcome visitors and explain how their cured meats, cheeses and wines are made. Some offer tastings and meals.

Big-city hustle and bustle

Big-city hustle and bustle

Figari is the perfect village for enjoying a relaxing, quiet holiday. For a more festive night out, head to Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio. Restaurants and bars have outdoor terraces set up along the harbours and in trendy areas of town. A memorable moment on the horizon.


Figatellu, Corsican cured sausage

Figatellu, Corsican cured sausage

Corsicans produce absolutely divine cured meats. One of them is named figatellu and is enjoyed either alone or cooked in a dish. This dried pork meat and liver sausage is seasoned with garlic, spices and red wine. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Canistrellu, the island’s famous biscuit

Corsicans love indulging in sweet treats. Canistrellu is one of them. This biscuit is flavoured with white wine, and comes in lots of varieties. Dried fruit, honey, citrus fruit - round or triangular. Canistrelli can be found in all flavours and all shapes.

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