Ajaccio is a warm and welcoming place that treats its visitors to a unique experience!

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5 good reasons to go to Ajaccio

In Napoleon’s footsteps
In Napoleon’s footsteps
Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, and the city seems to be entirely devoted to the Emperor’s memory. The Imperial chapel, NapoRama museum, Bonaparte House, Napoleonic Lounge and Fesch Palace will take visitors back to the early 19th century. To top things off, Napoleonic Days are organised throughout the summer.
Lazing on the beach
Lazing on the beach
Corsica is lined with enchanting beaches. Swimmers who come to relax in Ajaccio are mesmerized by the clear sea and golden sand. There is something for everyone, but anyone will agree the Cala di Fica beach is by far the best. Its dream-like setting leaves no one indifferent.
Sunset on the Sanguinaires Islands
Sunset on the Sanguinaires Islands
These islands - with their mysterious name - make for a lovely getaway just off Ajaccio’s coast. There are four of them - home to dense flora and fauna. Watch out for these other curiosities during your excursion: a Genoese tower, a lighthouse and a semaphore. The flame-like sunsets behind the islands are spectacular.
Taking part in Corsican events
Taking part in Corsican events
Your trips to Ajaccio can be enlivened by the many events scheduled throughout the year. Gatherings, exhibitions and concerts are in full swing in the summer. Not to be missed: the polyphonic singing! These traditional songs are part of Corsica’s artistic culture.
Flavours between land and sea
Flavours between land and sea
Flanked by both the mountains and the sea, Ajaccio’s gastronomy is filled with contrasts. Seafood, fish, cheese, cured meat, wine and honey combine to spark our taste buds in the form of fritters, soups and other delicious dishes.

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Culture and history

A historical guardian

A historical guardian

As the city’s iconic monument, the citadel’s imposing silhouette stands proudly in the urban landscape, right by the harbour. The edifice was erected in the 16th century and was expanded several times to face the many attacks coming from the sea. The citadel is currently owned by the army, so can only be visited during the Heritage Days.

An Imperial house

Napoleon’s childhood home is well worth a visit. For its decor of course, but also to get to know the Emperor’s family a bit better. The visit traces back through the Bonapartes’ history and their attachment to Corsica. Paintings, sculptures, furniture and tools depict family life during the 18th century. 

In the name of art and science

Bequeathed by Cardinal Fesch - Napoleon’s uncle - the Fesch Palace encompasses an impressive collection of Corsican and Italian works. Art enthusiasts will immediately recognise Botticelli’s paintings. This Fine Arts museum offers an enthralling tour of Italy’s Baroque period.

The Foreigners’ quarter

The Foreigners’ quarter

During the 19th century, Ajaccio attracted a vast number of foreigners with its sunny weather and crystal-clear waters. Quite naturally, a few English speakers settled down in this new holiday destination. The Foreigners’ quarter is home to the Regional Hotel and Anglican Church. 



Le Roi de Rome

Ajaccio is an effervescent city where art plays a key role. For an evening of surprises, book your seats at Scenina! This place aims to promote Corsican art and artists. Music, theatre, exhibitions - all you need to delve into the island’s pronounced and lively culture. Perfect for meeting some great people during your trip to Corsica.

Le Roi de Rome

Le Roi de Rome is a wine bar and restaurant located in the street with the same name, right near the Bonaparte House. The festivities all take place in a lovely arched stone room. Start your meal with some Corsican cured meats and wine, before enjoying typical dishes, cheeses and desserts. 




This delicious dessert known as imbrucciata, or fiadone, originates from southern Corsica. This tart is topped with brocciu - a Corsican cheese - and flavoured with lemon. Imbrucciata looks and tastes somewhat like cheesecake, so is perfect for all those who love cheese-based desserts.


Corsicans absolutely love fritters. Not indulging in one would almost be a crime! Some of them, like the bastelle, are made with vegetables and others with fruit or fish - and are all spread out on market stalls or served in restaurants. Ajaccio’s speciality is the sea anemone fritter. Book your flight and taste the island’s unique specialities.

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