Set off for Olbia at the gateway to Sardinia.

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5 good reasons to go to Olbia

Discover a charming city
Discover a charming city
Explore every nook and cranny during your time in Olbia. Don't miss the San Pietro and San Paolo churches as well as the San Simplicio basilica. The archaeology museum is a must-see for history buffs. Wander around the Sardinian districts and venture down to the seafront for the full experience.
Captivating beaches
Captivating beaches
Sardinia is a heady experience for visitors whose idea of the perfect holiday involves lounging on the beach. Olbia is home to heavenly beaches and quiet, peaceful coves, where the waves of the Mediterranean gently lap and visitors can lie back and soak up the fairy-tale magic. A cruise out to the nearby Costa Smeralda is unforgettable.
Lose yourself in jaw-dropping nature
Lose yourself in jaw-dropping nature
A trip to Olbia gets you up-close-and-personal with Sardinia's luscious countryside. The island overflows with staggering natural beauty spots. The Maddalena archipelago, the forests near Tempio Pausania, Tavolara Island and the petrified forest of Martis are just some of the sites on hand to whisk you away from reality.
An open-air archaeological site
An open-air archaeological site
Sardinia is scattered with historic ruins. Olbia is bursting at the seams with vestiges such as the Pedres Castle and Roman baths. Other ruins can be found in the surrounding area, from ramparts and the sacred wells of Sa Testa to the tomb of giants. Further south, the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi and the Phoenician city of Tharros are inspiring.
Soak up the flavours of Sardinia
Soak up the flavours of Sardinia
Sardinia is home to mouth-watering dishes. Expect pasta with more varieties of sauces than you ever thought possible, topped with every type of seafood imaginable. But gnocchetti sardi are the most authentic dish you'll find here. Soup, fish, lobster and cheeses all feature heavily on restaurant menus. Meals are served with the island's wines, such asvermentino.

To see / do

Culture and history

Olbia's Giants' Tomb

Olbia's Giants' Tomb

The Nuraghe were a people that settled Sardinia around 2,000 BC. The island still bears the traces of the Nuraghe, and Olbia's Giants' Tomb is a shining example. This communal tomb is marked by huge slabs of stone. Legend has it that gigantic bones were found inside one of the island's Nuraghe tombs, hinting at the possibility that giants may have been buried there.

Set sail for Tavolara

Set sail for Tavolara

Off the Sardinian coast, the island of Tavolara is easy to get to by boat. Plan a day trip out to this little slice of paradise and listed natural park. Stretching 6 kilometres long, the island is perfect for a day of walking and swimming. Its beach is picture-postcard perfect, and a deep-sea diving session is a fantastic way of exploring the beauties concealed beneath its surface.

On the Maddalena archipelago

The Maddalena archipelago is a World Heritage-listed site made up of seven large islands. Set sail for the island of Maddalena. Explore its 20 km², stroll around the villages and doze on the heavenly beaches. A bridge links Maddalena to the island of Caprera. Make the most of it to island hop during your day trip. Breath-taking landscapes.


Sardinian markets

Sardinian markets

Olbia and its neighbouring towns boast local produce markets that take place several times a week. In the summer, Olbia and Porto San Paolo (15 km away) hold farmer and craft markets by night. These are great opportunities to snag authentic little souvenirs.

A night out in Olbia

Like all seaside towns and cities, Olbia knows how to keep visitors happy come nightfall. Head to the town centre where locals flock around the market square, and tuck into a delicious meal. Grab a drink, enjoy a gig in a bar, and dance the night away in a club.


Gnocchetti sardi, or island pasta

Gnocchetti sardi or malloreddus are a small form of pasta that look like gnocchi. Sardinian gnocchetti can come drenched in tomato sauce and sausage with a sprinkling ofpecorino (sheep's milk cheese). Whether served with vegetables or left plain with cheese, this pasta is sure to tickle your taste-buds. 

Seadas al miele, a heavenly dessert

Seadas al miele, a heavenly dessert

Typically Sardinian seadas al miele is an indulgent dessert indeed. These pastry pockets are stuffed with pecorino or ricotta cheese (depending on the region) and flavoured with citrus fruit before being fried in olive oil and coated in honey. This is one staple you absolutely need to try during your time in Olbia.

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