Welcome to Rhodes, an island overflowing with glorious landscapes.

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5 good reasons to go to Rhodes

A spectacular mosaic of villages
A spectacular mosaic of villages
Rhodes is scattered with enthralling towns, mountain villages and fishing ports. Start with the capital, Rhodes and its medieval town, followed by Lindos and its ancient ruins, Tsambika and its monastery, and Kolympia, Lardos and Laerma, among many others. The island is profoundly authentic.
Relaxing on heavenly beaches
Relaxing on heavenly beaches
With its 300 days of sunshine per year, Rhodes is a dream destination in all senses. Its gorgeous beaches are perfect for swimming and water activities throughout the year. Lay down your beach towel on the sandy beaches at Kremasti, Kallithéas, Pefkos, Tsampika and Agathi. You won't be disappointed - we promise. Wind sport fans would do well to head to Prasonisi to catch the currents.
Mind-blowing vestiges of the past
Mind-blowing vestiges of the past
Rhodes's captivating charm is all about cultivating an appreciation for its countless historic sites. The old town, the Lindos acropolis, the city of Lalyssos, the 16th-century Kahal Kadosh Shalom synagogue, the castle perched high on the Monolithos, the Kallithea thermal baths - Rhodes is where history comes to life.
Breath-taking views
Breath-taking views
The landscape here is sculpted from the craggy mountains and sumptuous beaches that combine to form truly awe-inspiring vistas. For the most spectacular views, head over to the Monolithos castle, the village of Profítis Ilias and climb to the top of Mount Akramitis. Saint Paul's Bay is renowned for its breath-taking views, too.
Sample Greek specialities
Sample Greek specialities
Greek cuisine is a treat for the taste-buds, and the Rhodes variety even more so. Tzatziki, souvláki, stuffed vine leaves, moussaka, Greek salad, grilled meat and vegetables feature on all restaurant menus. Don't forget Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey and delicious cakes with an oriental influence.

To see / do

Culture and history

The city of Rhodes

Rhodes's old town is a UNESCO-listed site. This ancient city is encircled by old stone walls that were built by the knights of the Order of Saint John. Inside, the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Suleymaniye Mosque, the archaeological museum and the Knights of Saint John lodgings are astonishing. Walk along to Mandraki Harbour, where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood.

Lindos and its acropolis

Lindos and its acropolis

The village of Lindos is home to a fantastic archaeological feature: its acropolis. The acropolis was first settled in classical antiquity, and is packed full of points of interest. Perched on the top of its mountain, it is home to a temple of Athena, propylaea (gateways) and stoae (walkways). The ramparts built by the Saint John knights surround the acropolis.

Ancient Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros

On the island's eastern shore, Kamiros is home to ruins dating as far back as the third century BC. A handful of identifiable monuments are to be found here in this ancient Greek city: sanctuaries, thermal baths, an agora and its temple to Athena Kameiria. The old walls of fallen houses can also be seen. Take in the incredible views that unfurl from the acropolis.


A spot of shopping in Rhodes

Marvel at the talented craftsmen who work in the town and pick up some souvenirs - you won't leave the city of Rhodes empty-handed. Both the old and new towns are home to luxury boutiques and shops where you can find local produce. From olive oil, wine and honey to jewellery, decorative pieces and embroidered items, all of Rhodes' expertise at its best.

Walking with butterflies

Walking with butterflies

There’s an enchanting, little place hidden away in the north of the island in Petaloudes: the Valley of Butterflies. The park is a protected habitat for Panaxia Quadripunctariabutterflies. Take a stroll along the river to see the beautiful waterfalls surrounded by lush, green countryside. Enjoy watching the butterflies as they cluster together on the trees. A magical trip!


Incredible moussaka

Moussaka, a legendary Greek dish has crossed over the sea from mainland Greece. But here in Rhodes, it’s a little richer and more flavoursome. You just can’t beat a proper moussaka cooked by locals. It’s made from aubergines, lamb, tomatoes, onion and sometimes potatoes. And all that’s covered in a béchamel (white) sauce.

Souvlaki, a Mediterranean treat

Souvlaki, a Mediterranean treat

If you fancy a change from moussaka, souvlaki is a very good option. Small pieces of meat (usually lamb, chicken or beef) are left to marinate overnight in olive oil and lemon juice. The meat is put on skewers with vegetables and then grilled. Souvlaki is served with chips and tzatziki (a yoghurt and cucumber dip).

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