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5 good reasons to go to Rome

Enjoy the city’s stunning ancient heritage
Enjoy the city’s stunning ancient heritage
Rome is an open-air museum! The main tourist sites are unforgettable: the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Saint’Angelo Castle and Bridge, Trajan’s Column, the Catacombs of Rome and more. There are so many incredible landmarks, it’s impossible to list them all!
Travel back in time
Travel back in time
Side by side, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill give you a taste of ancient Rome. This emperors’ residence still has an imposing presence after thousands of years. You can still see the triumphal arches, basilicas and temples. And you can imagine wealthy Romans walking the cobbled streets to the curia (senate) or home to their villa.
Admire the view!
Admire the view!
Enjoy stunning panoramic views of Rome from the peaks of its seven hills. From Aventine Hill you can gaze out on the Roman skyline and enjoy a peaceful stroll in beautiful gardens. And why not take a look through the keyhole at the Magistral Villa. How intriguing! Janiculum, the eighth hill, has uninterrupted views of the left bank.
Other little gems near Rome
Other little gems near Rome
Hadrian’s Villa and Este’s Villa are just 30 km east of the city in Tivoli. Hadrian’s Villa is ancient in style while Este’s Villa is Renaissance. Both buildings are architectural masterpieces and UNESCO World heritage Sites. Why not take a trip to the Roman port of Ostia? The beach and archaeological site are both worth a visit.
Eat pizza as you explore the city
Eat pizza as you explore the city
Fancy grabbing a quick bite to eat? Order a slice of pizza at one of the small stalls around the city and eat it hot as you wander the streets. Relax for while in some of Rome’s beautiful city squares. What could be more Italian than eating a slice of pizza surrounded by ancient buildings?

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Culture and history

A colossal Colosseum

A colossal Colosseum

The Colosseum is an impressive building and the largest colosseum in the Roman Empire. It was constructed in 80 BC and is still in a remarkable condition considering the earthquakes it has endured over the years. Archaeologists reckon it could have held around 50,000 people in Roman times. The Colosseum hosted mock battles, gladiator contests, executions and more.

The catacombs in deepest Rome

You’ll experience something quite unique when you explore the deep, dark, ancient catacombs of Rome.    These underground cemeteries on the outskirts of the city are like mazes. And some of them stretch out around 10 kilometres.  They were used until the 5th century AD and you can still see thousands of alcoves where the deceased were laid to rest.

A trip to the Vatican

A trip to the Vatican

Get a plane ticket to Rome and head to the Vatican. This small city-state is the Pope’s place of residence and is a treasure trove of historical sights. From St. Peter’s Square, you can see the impressive Basilica. And you can’t visit the Vatican without touring the museums, including the Sistine Chapel where you can admire Michelangelo’s famous frescoes.


Campo de’ Fiori market

Campo de’ Fiori market is held in a pretty square near Farnese Palace. It’s on every morning except Sunday. The market stalls sell fruit, veg, meat and fish. It’s the perfect place to stock up on Italian produce and sample some local food and drink.  

Stop over in Trastevere

Stop over in Trastevere

On the opposite side of the Tiber river, you’ll find the stunning Trastevere district. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day’s site-seeing in Rome. If you fancy trying some antipasti or going for a meal, Trastevere has a very relaxed atmosphere and some lovely green spaces. Take a well-deserved break!


Special Roman Gnocchi

You can’t visit Rome without trying the Gnocchi alla romana. It’s different to potato gnocchi as it’s made with semolina and the gnocchi are flat and circular. The gnocchi often has grilled cheese on top, but it can also be served with a tomato sauce.

Pompi's Tiramisu

Pompi's Tiramisu

Apparently, the best tiramisu in the Italian capital is sold at the Pompi cake shop. They make a traditional coffee tiramisu which is really velvety. At Pompi, the chefs are particularly creative. They make lots of different flavour tiramisu using a variety of different fruits and alcohol. And there’s even an ice cream version. Head to one of their four shops now!

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