Head to Tangier for some Moroccan sun, a change of scenery and a warm welcome!

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5 good reasons to go to Tangier

Bask in the sunshine
Bask in the sunshine
Besides the port, there are lots of places to visit around the Moroccan city of Tangier. As it’s on the coast, there are lots of beaches suitable for sunbathing. But the best ones are just outside the city. Try the sun-drenched beaches of Achakar or Sidi Kacem: 20 km of pure happiness!
See the ocean at Cape Spartel
See the ocean at Cape Spartel
You really must visit Cape Spartel, which is just at the entrance to the Gibraltar Strait. The area is absolutely stunning, and you’ll have a clear view out over the Atlantic Ocean. The cape’s attractive lighthouse was built in 1864, and is a beauty to behold, even if access inside is prohibited. Cape Spartel is also a great place to see migratory birds.
Mythical caves
Mythical caves
Once you’ve been to Cape Spartel, continue on to the Caves of Hercules. Legend has it that Hercules came to rest here before tackling his 11th labour. Head down into the chambers and look at the sea through the Africa-shaped opening in the rock. It’s a little bizarre, however, to see people selling souvenirs down inside the caves!
The lively city of Tangier
The lively city of Tangier
Tangier locals know how to have a good time! If you’re looking for somewhere lively, or even a wild night out, then there are lots of bars, nightclubs and music venues all over the city. And Tangier hosts lots of national and international events throughout the year. Head on down to the Tanjazz jazz festival, the art and book festival, the Nuits Sonores music festival and more.
Sample the regional cuisine
Sample the regional cuisine
Tangier cuisine is an invitation to discover the flavours of North Africa. Tajine, pastilla (pie), harira (soup), couscous and meat kebabs are available everywhere. In Tangier, try the bissara, a dip made from spicy split peas. When you order a cup of tea, ask for some kaab el ghazal biscuits, chebakia pastries or other little cakes.

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Culture and history

The heart of Tangier

The heart of Tangier

You can’t come to Tangier without visiting the medina. There’s an authentic Moroccan atmosphere in this old part of the city with its pretty blue and white houses.  Whilst you’re in the medina, make sure you visit the Terrasse des Paresseux for its wonderful views, the Gran Teatro Cervantes theatre, the Plaza de Toros bullring and more.

The lofty heights of the kasbah

The lofty heights of the kasbah

Admire the city walls separating the kasbah from the medina. There are lots of historical buildings worth seeing within the city walls. The Kasbah Museum in the Dar el-Makhzen Palace reveals the fascinating history of Tangier and Morocco. Continue to climb a little further for an unrivalled view over the city and ocean.

Perdicaris Park

Perdicaris Park is an attractive woodland area not far from the city centre that takes its name from its former owner. Ion Perdicarus created lots of little footpaths throughout the park so that his ill wife could enjoy walking around the forest. Today, visitors can walk along those very pathways and explore the park’s nooks and crannies, just like she did. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the sea.


Take a seat in Café Hafa

Café Hafa is an iconic cliff-top café that first opened back in 1921. In 2015, it was designated a national heritage site. The café terrace provides a fantastic panoramic view of the Bay of Tangier. It's easy to see why stars and tourists alike fall in love with this café! It’s worth knowing that the café’s mint tea is its speciality.

Tangier’s Grand Socco

Tangier’s Grand Socco

When you come to Tangier, you must visit the Grand Souk or Grand Socco. It’s in the medina, right in the heart of the city. For soaking up the authentic Moroccan atmosphere or for a spot of shopping, it doesn’t get much better than this!  Find your favourite craftsman or stall, discover a world of spices, leather goods, fabrics, ornaments and more. The souk has everything you can imagine! 


North African pie

North African pie

One of Morocco’s traditional dishes is called pastilla, which is a pie made with flaky pastry similar to filo. The pie is filled with egg, onion, coriander, spices, almonds and meat. In Tangier, pastilla is usually made with squab pigeon. It’s a Moroccan classic that combines crispy pastry with a melt-in-the-mouth filling.

Chebakia, a Moroccan sweet treat

Chebakia is very popular during Ramadan, but you’ll still see it in patisserie windows throughout the year. Chebakia will awaken your taste buds with a whole host of fabulous flavours: cinnamon, saffron, aniseed and more. A chebakia biscuit looks like a rose crossed with a spiral. Once the biscuits have been fried, they’re dipped in a mixture of honey, sesame seeds and orange blossom.

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