Fez has a lively charm to it, with its thousands of years of culture and history!

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5 good reasons to go to Fez

Discovering the royal city of Fez
Discovering the royal city of Fez
With a thousand years of history behind it, Fez boasts a myriad of splendid buildings. Begin your visit with a tour of the ramparts, and admire the doors adorned with ceramic tiling. Fez has huge, sumptuous palaces, such as the royal palace (Dar el Makhzen). Many of them were turned into museums.
A fabulous cultural heritage
A fabulous cultural heritage
As Morocco’s capital of traditional culture, Fez is dotted with buildings dedicated to knowledge and learning. Madrasas are the blazing symbol of this. Visit the Bou Inania Madrasa - a beautifully decorated school. Carry on to the Karaouine mosque. Erected in the 9th century by a women, this was the country’s first University.
Discover Fez's refined crafts
Discover Fez's refined crafts
To explore the heart of the city’s craftsmanship, head to the souks and Chouara district where the tannery lies. This is where leather is made. Another important place for crafts and trade: the Nejjarine, funduq that used to serve as a goods warehouse. It is now home to the Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts.
An incredible array of events
An incredible array of events
Fez is bubbling with cultural events. Get ready! The city hosts the Jazz in Riads, the Andalusian music festival, Sufi music festival and Amazigh cultural festival. Book your flight to attend the world-renowned international sacred music festival.
Taste some delicious dishes
Taste some delicious dishes
Fez’s gastronomy is extremely rich and varied. Couscous and tagines are at the forefront, but you can also make the most of your trip to try other dishes: pigeon pastilla, typical Fez snails and more. For something sweet, there is nothing quite like the local honey pastries, Turkish delights or dates.

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Culture and history

The bustling medina

The bustling medina

Delve into Fez’s medieval side! As a beautiful testimony to Moroccan history, the medina is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fez el-Bali has, since the 9th century, been a real maze of little streets. There are treasures all around: ceramic tiling and gold on the walls and ceilings, minarets, Madrasas, small squares, souks, craft shops, and more. A glimpse of Fez’s lifestyle.

The Bou Inania school

The Bou Inania Madrasa can be found in Fez’s medina. The 14th-century Madrasa University is one of the largest in Morocco. Adorned with marble, mosaics, stained glass, fountains and other embellishments, the Madrasa cannot be missed. In addition to its classrooms, the school also has a mosque.

A astounding view over Fez

A astounding view over Fez

For the most beautiful view of Fez, head to the Marinid tombs. From the upper city, a splendid panoramic view will take your breath away. While up there, you can learn a little more about Fez’s history. The tombs you will see are those of the last representatives of the Marinid Dynasty that reigned over the city.


Strolling around Fez’s souks

Strolling around Fez’s souks

To discover Fez’s know-how or simply let your senses run free, go and wonder through the city’s souks. Jewellery, spices, fabrics, ornaments and many more are exhibited on the city’s different market stalls. Perfect for bringing back a souvenir.

Moroccan fast food

Looking for an inexpensive meal? Rather than eating in one of Fez’s restaurants, stop at one of the market stalls or in the streets near Bab Bou Jeloud. Meat skewers, briouates and pastries are sold at a great price. Ideal for a meal on the go. 


Briouates, the Moroccan fritters

Briouates, the Moroccan fritters

Briouates look like Asian samosas. The triangles of brick pastry are filled with meat, vegetables and spices, or with cheese. They are then fried. Briouates can also be filled with almonds and honey for a sweet treat.

Crunchy gazelle horns

These delicious pastries get their name from their shape: a horn. Gazelle horns are made with pastry filled with a mixture of crushed or ground almonds and orange blossom. They are sometimes rolled in icing sugar. A real marvel!

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