Discover the medieval city of Treviso in the region of Veneto!

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5 good reasons to go to Treviso

Wandering along Treviso's canals
Wandering along Treviso's canals
You'll soon realise why Treviso has been dubbed 'little Venice'. This gem of an Italian town is crisscrossed with canals. A number of mills add charm and interest to these waterways. On the canal banks themselves or on the façades of houses, metallic sculptures add an original touch.
The Prosecco wine route
The Prosecco wine route
Wine lovers will be delighted to discover that the area surrounding Treviso is home to vineyards producing prosecco. This sparkling white wine is one of Italy's star products, exported worldwide. Visit wine cellars to sample Prosecco and find out more about how it is made. An added bonus is the stunning landscape of vineyards.
Mouth-watering regional delicacies
Mouth-watering regional delicacies
When you book your ticket, can't you almost smell the myriad aromas of Italian cooking already? Like the rest of the country, Treviso is all about its local cuisine. Classics such as tiramisu and risotto are to die for, and pasta, gnocchi, cod and polenta need no introduction. Give in to temptation when you stop for a gourmet experience!
On the banks of the Sile
On the banks of the Sile
The Sile river flows through Veneto, and a path following its course from Treviso to Casale Monferrato, 20 kilometres away, was recently created. Walk or cycle along the path, taking in the gorgeous countryside and catching your breath after the whirlwind of cultural experiences. A handful of surprises await along the way...
Treviso, within striking distance of Venice
Treviso, within striking distance of Venice
Little Venice is still no replacement for the real thing, and the 'city of the Doges' is just a 40-minute drive away. Treat yourself to two stunning cities for the price of one! Prepare to be enchanted by Piazza San Marco, romantic gondolas, majestic palaces and mysterious islands.

To see / do

Culture and history

In the heart of the Venetian city

In the heart of the Venetian city

Treviso's historic old town is encircled by 16th-century ramparts, and you can plan a walk along the fortifications. Inside, charming dwellings and  Renaissance buildings await. Piazza dei Signori at Treviso's centre is a square surrounded by medieval palazzos that bear witness to the city's former power.

Marvel at religious buildings

Marvel at religious buildings

As a typical Italian city, Treviso boasts numerous churches: the cathedral and the church of San Nicolò, to name just two. The former is fascinating with its seven domes and a façade like the entrance to a temple. Its understated style belies several small yet beautifully-embellished chapels within. The gothic church of San Nicolò Gothic, meanwhile, hides a remarkable 14th-century fresco.

Venetian art at the Luigi Bailo museum

Tucked away in an old convent in a neighbourhood characterised by its fine houses, this art museum holds collections by 19th- and 20th-century artists from the region. Paintings and sculptures by Arturo Martini, Luigi Serena and many more are on display here: a wonderful journey into the heart and soul of Treviso.


Stock up at the fish market

Stock up at the fish market

Experience something a little different with a trip to the fish market in the historic Pescheria district. From Tuesday to Saturday, market stalls set up shop on the river island of Botteniga. Expect an incredibly diverse range of species on sale in a gorgeous setting.

Hit the shops - Italian-style

Like many of the other towns and cities on the Italian peninsula, Treviso is bursting with artisan boutiques and other high-end outlets. Benetton's headquarters are just a short distance from the city. Shop for brand-name pieces, artisanal goods or local delicacies. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself and loved ones.


Treviso risotto

Treviso risotto

Radicchio is a local variety of chicory that is hugely popular in risottos. Generally cooked in white wine, in this version the risotto is left to bubble away in red wine instead. The result is a delicious rose-tinged risotto that melts in the mouth. It will leave no palate indifferent!

Tiramisu, il divino

It is said that Italy's most famous dessert was originally invented in Treviso. It would be a crime to leave town without tasting tiramisu. All the restaurants here serve up their take on this culinary classic - it's up to you to decide which one you prefer! The dessert features coffee-soaked biscuits layered under mascarpone cream and dusted with cocoa powder for a mouth-watering dolce.

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