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This charming town in the north-east of Sardinia is the gateway to a paradise-like region.

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5 good reasons to go to Alghero

Magnificent beaches
Magnificent beaches
This could be said of many Mediterranean islands, but frankly, Sardinia ranks high on the podium with its fine sandy beaches. Its rocky coastline forms a string of coves, inlets and bays, each more sumptuous than the last. It is still very well preserved, and you will be amazed.
The historic city centre
The historic city centre
Surrounded by impressive walls and towers, Alghero is far more than just a museum town. It is bustling with life from morning to night with its countless cafés and restaurants. The bells of the many churches and the cathedral ring out throughout the day. Be sure to watch the sunset from the ramparts.
A city with character
A city with character
You will soon notice how attached the people of Alghero are to their Catalan heritage. It was only in 1970 that the municipality had the street names translated into Italian. Nevertheless, Alghero remains a proud Sardinian town, which rebelled many times against invaders.
Asinara National Park
Asinara National Park
This island was once a prison. Fortunately, only goats and albino donkeys can be found here now, enjoying a peaceful life. The boat trip to the island is a spectacular experience. This is a genuine wilderness paradise, where you can observe exceptional flora and fauna.
Authentic inland villages
Authentic inland villages
As soon as you leave the coast, you discover green hills covered with Mediterranean scrub and olive groves. Romanesque churches with their bell towers are dotted across the landscape. Agritourism is particularly popular in the small inland villages, which are much more authentic.

To see / do

Culture and history

A tour of the ramparts

A tour of the ramparts

Alghero has managed to preserve most of its ramparts, which defended the city for centuries. The bastions, walls and watchtowers date from various periods, but are mostly accessible. They offer excellent views of the city and the sea from above.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery Museum

The famous pilot spent the last months of his life in Corsica and Alghero, Sardinia, before being shot down by the Germans during a reconnaissance mission in 1944. A small museum is dedicated to this great pilot and writer in a beautiful tower overlooking the bay of Porto Conte.

Red coral

Sardinia is famous for its high quality coral, which is intensely red and very strong. Coral collecting is strictly regulated, which explains its high price, close to that of gold. The jewellers of Alghero make magnificent pieces from this natural Mediterranean treasure. There is even a museum dedicated to it in the town centre. 

Basilica di Saccargia

Basilica di Saccargia

The Basilica is considered the most prestigious Roman church in Sardinia. Its façade and bell tower are particularly impressive, especially as it is located in the middle of the countryside. The walls are streaked with black and white stones characteristic of the Pisan style.


Neptune's Grotto

Neptune's Grotto

A true natural wonder, this impressive cave is home to a series of salt lakes that have hollowed out the rock. There are two ways to get there: take a small boat from the port of Alghero or climb down the 660 steps dug into the cliff face! As you walk through the chambers, you will discover splendid stalactites, mineral organs and monumental columns. 



Rated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it seduces visitors with its narrow, slender, pastel-coloured houses. Enjoy a splendid view from the medieval fortress before strolling down its narrow streets. Be sure to walk down to the river where the local tanneries were once located.


A seafood feast

A seafood feast

The port of Alghero is one of the largest in Sardinia. Tuna fishing is an ancestral activity in the region. Other specialities of the town include Catalan lobster, sea urchins and the famous Alghero langoustine. 

Sheep cheese

Sheep cheese

The emblematic cheese of Sardinia is undoubtedly Pecorino. It is simply unmissable and you will find it everywhere in local cuisine. But beware of casu martzu, another sheep's cheese which is supposedly forbidden from being sold and which is home to small inhabitants, if you know what I mean.

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