Discover the Big Apple, a city that is both rugged and exhilarating at the same time.

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5 good reasons to go to New-York

New-York, never sleeps
The city that never sleeps
From Times Square to 5th Avenue, restaurants, shops, buildings… almost nothing ever stops in this city that could almost be described as insomniac. There is plenty to satisfy your every desire for shopping, partying, visiting and snacking at every hour of day or night. Will you still find time to sleep?
Monumental skyscrapers
The quintessential image of American urban planning and a glorious symbol of the country’s success, the New York skyscrapers spring up on all sides, rising from the ground like the bow of a ship on Manhattan island. The Big Apple’s skyline is one of the most beautiful in the world, whether you admire it from a boat on the Hudson River or at night from the top of a building.
Central Park
Enjoy the fresh air in Central Park
An oasis of greenery in the heart of the city, this immense park of 341 hectares is one of the city’s most popular. It offers an incredible breath of fresh air for residents and tourists alike. With its winding woods, lush green lawns and peaceful lakes, it plays host to multiple outdoor activities throughout the year including concerts, ice skating, horse riding, canoeing, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding...
Incredible museums
Incredible museums
Thanks to its public foundations and private collections, New York is home to many art masterpieces in its museums and galleries, the most famous of which include the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), the MoMa, the Guggenheim, the Frick Collection, the Museum of Natural History and Neue Galerie. There is plenty for you to feast your eyes on!
Brooklyn, always on the lookout for the latest trends
The architecture of this once working-class and industrial neighbourhood will plunge you into the New York of the 1950s. But the vintage warehouses made of brick and steel have now been turned into design workshops and elegant homes for hipsters. Far from the financial towers, Brooklyn has become a paradise for street art in just a few years, as well as a pioneering neighbourhood for urban farming and a popular district for pa

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Culture and History

The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

A gift from the French to celebrate the centenary of the American Declaration of Independence, the Stature of Liberty is a mark of friendship between the two nations. Inaugurated en 1886, it has since become a universal symbol of liberty and emancipation across the world. For several decades, it was also the first sight to greet the eyes of millions of immigrants who left Europe in search of a new life.

9/11 Memorial - One World Trade Center

The memorial to the September 11 attacks is built on the exact former location of the twin towers. It is composed of two large pools with water cascading down the sides and a commemorative museum offering a visit filled with emotion. The new One World Trade Center was built next to it, culminating at a height of 1,776m and making it the tallest skyscraper in New York and the Western Hemisphere.

The Empire State Building

This building, built in 1930, is the best known and most iconic in New York. Despite its age, it is still the third tallest skyscraper in Manhattan after One World Trade Center and 432 Park Avenue, built 70 years later. It is an Art Deco masterpiece made particularly famous by the film King Kong. Visitors can go up to the 86th floor and enjoy an incredible view from the outdoor terrace of the observatory.

Gospel Mass in Harlem

The home of Afro-American culture and the struggle for equal rights, Harlem is the best district to visit to attend mass with gospel music, which originated in the emancipation of slaves. The congregation sings together and clap their hands to express their joy, hopes and comfort. Attend the first service in the morning to experience, with respect, this incredible service that will send shivers down your spine and put a smile on your face.


Broadway puts on a show

The forty or so theatres in Broadway put on large scale productions that draw huge crowds. With productions inspired by great film classics (King Kong, Beetlejuice, Harry Potter, Moulin Rouge), Disney animations (The Lion King, Frozen, Aladin), ballets or other musicals, there is a wide selection of choice. It is nevertheless advisable to book in advance, especially towards the end of the year.

At Times Square

This famous crossroads shines brightly with its immense illuminated signs. Both night and day, giant powerful screens clock up the kilowatts with their displays of advertising videos, show posters and even stock market prices. But the most eagerly anticipated countdown is at New Year, attended by thousands of spectators.

Walk along Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

Whether it's for shopping, visiting a museum or just for the enjoyment of walking along this legendary street, visiting 5th Avenue is a must. Its wealth does not stop at the numerous rivalling luxury boutiques, but also includes many major monuments springing up all along it.

Top of the Rock / Rockefeller Center

This gigantic building complex is known for its famous Christmas tree and ice rink in winter, but is also home to monumental statues and multiple shops spreading out in a large underground labyrinth. The terrace on the 65th floor of Comcast Building rivals that of the Empire State Building, offering an equally breathtaking view and a thrilling ascent with special light effects.


Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch

This hearty breakfast is largely composed of pancakes, waffles and other sweet treats and is very popular with New Yorkers who look forward to it every weekend. They also love cupcakes and doughnuts, which are sold in large quantities all over the city.  It’s all very indulgent!

World cuisine

All kinds of world cuisine can be found in New York, which is a cosmopolitan, multicultural and international city by excellence. We’re not talking about poor imitations, but truly the best of French, Mexican, Chinese or Japanese gastronomy, to name just a few. World famous chefs have moved to this city offering tantalising promises of success.

Hearty pastrami on rye

Pastrami is a technique that consists in marinating beef in brine, then seasoning it with herbs and spices before pressing, smoking and steaming it. It is then cut by hand and served in a rye bread sandwich. It is a true New York speciality.

American Cheesecake

Although originally from Europe, cheesecake has its own New York version which has become a classic dish in itself, often found on the menu in restaurants and cafes. It is believed that the owner of Turf restaurant on 49th Avenue modernised the recipe in 1929. Its creamy texture and lemony flavour will seduce more than one!

A growing number of Vegan restaurants

The number of vegans in the United States is exploding. Not just a fad, it is a genuine way of life in which the person stops consuming all products of animal origin. Always ahead of the game, New York already boasts many restaurants at the forefront of this entirely plant-based perspective on food. Whether you’re already vegan or simply curious, you are sure to love it!

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