Frankfurt, located on the banks of the Main river, is filled with places to discover.

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5 good reasons to go to Frankfurt

Historically fascinating architecture
Historically fascinating architecture
Frankfurt’s historical centre, known as Römerberg, was almost entirely identically rebuilt after WWII. The half-timbered houses, cathedral, Saint Paul’s church and gothic town hall are real gems. The Sachsenhausen area is hidden away on the other side of the Main. This old area of the city is also extremely charming.
A river bank entirely dedicated to museums
A river bank entirely dedicated to museums
Similarly to Berlin and its Museum island, Frankfurt has condensed its museums on the southern bank. The “museum river bank” - known as the Museumufer - runs along the Main in the Sachsenhausen district. You can explore the Städel with its European art (Rembrandt, Matisse, etc.), the Modern Art Museum, the German Film Museum and many more.
A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air
Getting out into the fresh air is no problem at all in Frankfurt. The city boasts beautiful natural areas - such as the Grüneberg and Berthman parks. The Palmengarten is also worth a visit. Greenhouses, palm trees and a tropicarium make it a magical place. If you enjoy boat rides, you should consider a cruise along the Main.
Stunning views
Stunning views
With its many sky-scrapers, giving it the nickname “Mainhattan”, Frankfurt boasts fabulous panoramic views. Climb to the top of the Zeilgalerie or Main Tower, rising up 200 m The view over the city is simply incredible. The cathedral’s towers also give visitors a dizzying view of the old town.
Enjoy regional specialities
Enjoy regional specialities
In Frankfurt, gastronomy is an integral part of locals’ everyday lives. Not to be missed: The famous Frankfurter sausage, which has crossed many borders. Grüne soße (green sauce) is less known and seasons quite a few dishes with its seven different herbs. Lastly, why not try the ultimate drink - apfelwein - which is a local cider.

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Culture and history

An imperial cathedral

An imperial cathedral

Have an imperial day at Römerberg square and Saint Bartholomew cathedral. Partially spared by WWII bombings, the edifice boasts 15th-century adornments. This red-clad cathedral saw German emperors be elected and crowned for over two centuries!

In the house of famed author

The famous German writer Goethe came from Frankfurt. His house can be visited in the Großer Hirschgraben, giving us a view of a bourgeois 18th-century family’s daily life. Some documents belonging to the author of Faust can be seen, as can his office - where he wrote his first literary works.

A marvellous museum

A marvellous museum

The Senckenberg museum is one of the largest natural history museums in Germany. Watch out for the dinosaurs! It has an impressive collection of animal skeletons and fossils, to wow children and adults alike. The various floors take visitors on a journey to different eras - both on land and in the sea.


Taste Frankfurt’s cider

Taste Frankfurt’s cider

Since booking your flight have you only had one thing on your mind? Tasting some apfelwein? Why not go on a cider pub crawl in the Sachsenhausen area. Nicknamed the “Apfelwein district”, it is home to many bars in which the drink can be tasted. The cider served there is produced near Frankfurt.

A delicious German meal

For a quick and relaxed bite to eat, head to the Kleinmarkthalle market. Many stalls serve the famous Frankfurter sausage. You can also indulge in some pastries or traditional dishes in Große Bockenheimer street. There is a large choice of restaurants and tea rooms to choose from.


Frankfurt’s famous sausages

Do the words frankfurter würstchen not ring a bell? Then the Frankfurter sausage surely does. This pork sausage is smoked and is a classic in German gastronomy. Whether in restaurants or as street food, it can be enjoyed in all kinds of ways. Do you prefer it in a bun or served with some salad and potatoes?

Bethmännchenalmond cakes

Bethmännchenalmond cakes

Locals in Frankfurt bake delicious pastries and tasty biscuits. Bethmännchen are one of the German city’s specialities. Very similar to marzipan, they are made with ground almonds, and then flavoured with rose essence. They are mainly eaten at Christmas time.

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