New at the airport: installation of PARAFE* airlocks with facial recognition

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Speed up your passage through border control with the PARAFE* facial recognition airlocks available at arrivals and departures in Hall A.

With the 10 facial recognition PARAFE* airlocks at arrivals and departures in Hall A, speed up your passage through border control! This new service is available to all adult passengers holding a French biometric passport or a national of one of the 26 countries of the European Union or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein and San Marino. 

The PARAFE biometric airlocks are used for the control of eligible travelers on international and Schengen controlled flights. The PARAFE device allows you to be checked in less than 30 seconds and in 7 simple steps:

  1. Go to an open airlock, indicated by a green light
  2. Place yourself on the reader of your biometric passport
  3. Enter the airlock when the passport is detected and opened
  4. Position yourself at the level of the floor markings
  5. Remove your mask, sunglasses, cap, etc.
  6. Look at the camera on the screen in front of you
  7. Leave the airlock and continue your journey, once your face is identified and the passage is validated.

So save time and pass through border control in the blink of an eye by using the PARAFE airlocks. To use them, remember to take your biometric passport, even when you travel in Europe!

*PARAFE – Automated Border Control

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