Opening of the new " minute drop-off area"

Passenger information

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A minute drop-off is now available on the departures level in Hall A and B.
Drop off

If you come to quickly drop off a passenger leaving from Hall A or B, use the minute drop-off! Ideal for short stops and not for parking, you will get 5 minutes free, the time of a kiss.

How to access it?

When you arrive at the airport, stay in the right-hand lane, then take the "road overpass". You will be able to stop for a few moments on the white zebras provided for this purpose so as not to obstruct the traffic.

To know

The drop-off is equipped with the automatic license plate reading system. When leaving, get close enough to the barrier to allow the license plate to be read and if the 5 free minutes have not elapsed, the barrier opens automatically.
If you exceed the free time, you can only pay for your overtaking directly at the exit terminal by credit card.

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