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5 good reasons to go to Essaouira

An eternal summer and abundant sand
An eternal summer and abundant sand
Essaouira is the best place to go for warm sunshine and sandy beaches all year round! This coastal resort looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and benefits from a perfect climate, with yearly temperatures averaging 25°C. Head to Essaouira beach, which stretches out over 6 km. 6 km of sand where you can bask in the sunshine.
Try the Moroccan spa treatments
Try the Moroccan spa treatments
If you're in the mood for a little pampering, treat yourself to a break in one of Essaouira’s many wellbeing centres. You will love the hammams (Turkish baths) and massages, particularly those with argan oil. The city also has several thalassotherapy (seawater treatment) centres. Relaxation and a change of scenery: Essaouira has everything you need!
Get up close to the Îles Purpuraires
Get up close to the Îles Purpuraires
When you’re in the port, look out over the horizon. The small mounds of earth rising up from the water are the Îles Purpuraires. Previously home to a mosque and prison, the islands are now a bird sanctuary. Fishermen are willing to take visitors to the waters surrounding the islands, so you can admire them up close. However, you won’t be able to dock there.
A surfer's paradise
A surfer's paradise
The beaches and warm weather are perfect for outdoor activities. If you enjoy water sports, you’ll love surfing and kitesurfing here. Make the most of the waves caused by the wind coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s easy to hire equipment and sign up to lessons in Essaouira. One of Morocco’s best surfing spots is in Safi, a 2-hour drive away.
Fall in love with Moroccan cuisine
Fall in love with Moroccan cuisine
The food in Essaouira is a wonderful blend of Mediterranean cultures. Herbs and spices enhance the flavour of local dishes. Fish is beautifully cooked here. Head to the port and choose your fish, then take it to a restaurant where the chef will cook it for you! There are also lots of vegetable dishes on the menu, including the famous Moroccan tajine.

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Essaouira Medina

Nicknamed “la Bien dessinée” (the well-designed), the city's medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Evidence of its structured design can be seen in the medina’s streets, which were planned in a grid-like fashion. During your visit, you’ll see the Ben Youssef Mosque, the Clock Tower and pretty little streets of blue and white houses. It exudes 18th and 19th-century charm.

Walk along the city walls

Walk along the city walls

Essaouira is surrounded by city walls and is often compared to Saint-Malo in France. Its walls recall the fortifications designed by French engineer, Vauban. Believe it or not, it was actually one of Vauban’s pupils who designed the walls in Essaouira! Climb to the top of the fortifications to enjoy an exceptional sea view. As you walk along the walls, you’ll see a few of the canons still remaining.

An atmospheric port

An atmospheric port

A vital trade hub in the 18th century, today, the port of Essaouira is the country's third largest sardine fishing port. When you visit Essaouira, you have to see the old port protected by the city walls. Soak up the lively atmosphere as the fisherman return with the day’s catch on little blue fishing boats. At the port, you can actually buy fish directly from the fishermen. 


Driss, the best pâtisserie in Essaouira

This cake shop is an absolute must for foodies! Driss pâtisserie is reputed to be the best in the city, and has become renowned throughout the country. Gaze longingly at the window display, or head inside to buy a few cakes. It’s best to visit early on in the day before the shelves start to clear!

Penetrate the lair of the souks

Penetrate the lair of the souks

Wander through the city’s fascinating souks, meet craftsmen and buy souvenirs from some of the stalls. These Moroccan markets will awaken all your senses, as they sell everything from dazzling fabrics to freshly caught fish. Stroll through the spice souk before browsing the stalls of wooden masterpieces. The souks of Essaouira are a real delight!


Mrouzia, a tajine from Essaouira

Mrouzia, a tajine from Essaouira

There’s no fish in this local dish, it’s made with lamb! Mrouzia is an explosion of flavours! This local tajine is flavoured with ginger, tumeric, ras el hanout spice mix, cinnamon, saffron, honey, onions and more. The finishing touch comes from a sprinkling of almonds and raisins.

Massapans, Moroccan sweet treats

Massapans are to die for! These little marzipan tartlets are really popular in Safi and Essaouira. So, if you love marzipan, you’ll adore these little pastries. Massapans are actually mini-tartlets filled with marzipan that’s been flavoured with orange blossom. Perfect with a cup of mint tea!

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