Lanzarote (Arrecife)

Lanzarote (Arrecife)

Fly towards this volcanic island and make the most of its year-round sunshine.

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5 good reasons to go to Lanzarote (Arrecife)

Explore Timanfaya National Park
Explore Timanfaya National Park
To the west of Lanzarote, you’ll find Timanfaya National Park. The park’s volcanic landscape was formed thousands of years ago and is worth a visit. Gaze out over the Fire Mountains, which glow whenever they're caught in the sun's rays. If you head up to higher ground, you’ll be able to see the lava fields and spot a few camels.
Relax on the colourful beaches
Relax on the colourful beaches
There are beaches all around the island. You won’t believe it, but they’re all different colours! Playa Caletón Blanco is a white, sandy beach with black rocks. The Papagayo beaches are the colour of the sunshine that bathes them. And at El Golfo, the black sand gives the beach a supernatural feel. There’s a beach to suit everyone here!
In the footsteps of César Manrique
In the footsteps of César Manrique
César Manrique, an artist born in Lanzarote, has left his mark on the Canarian landscape. Manrique has illustrated and sculpted many places in Lanzarote, including the Cactus Garden, Mirador del Rio, Jameos del Agua and more. Don’t forget to visit the César Manrique Foundation to learn more about the artist’s work.
Hiking in the Canarian countryside
Hiking in the Canarian countryside
The variety of different landscapes in Lanzarote make it perfect for a hiking holiday. So make the most of it! There are many different routes on the island. But if you have to pick one, choose the Caldera Blanca. It’s not too high, so the route across the volcanic range is suitable for most people. At the summit, the view is mind-blowing!
An explosion of Canarian flavours
An explosion of Canarian flavours
Fish and seafood are an essential part of the island’s cuisine. You’ll love the octopus, limpets and more. Fish and meat are both served with papas arrugadas, which are potatoes cooked in salt. Wine-lovers will be able to try the locally produced Malvasia wines.

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Immerse yourself in art at Arrecife Castle

Immerse yourself in art at Arrecife Castle

The island’s capital, Arrecife, lies under the watchful eye of the Castillo San José fortress. Or used to anyway! In the 1970s, the fortress was turned into a modern art gallery (the MIAC). So, it abandoned its previous military function to embrace a new cultural one. It’s now a great place to discover both local and international artists, mainly from the 20th century. 

The Janubio salt marshes

The Janubio salt marshes

The Janubio salt marshes, or salt flats, are located at the very southern end of Timanfaya National Park. Salt was an extremely important commodity for the inhabitants of the island, as you can see from the sheer size of the salt marshes. The best time to go is at sunset, where you can admire the ponds as they change colour!

The valleys of Lanzarote

This little island is peppered with volcanic hills as well as valleys. The first valley you should visit is the black valley of La Geria, where vines are cultivated along small stone walls. Then, for something a very different, head to Haria valley, nicknamed the Valley of a Thousand Palm Trees.


The incredible Tunnel of Atlantis

The incredible Tunnel of Atlantis

One distinctive feature of Lanzarote is the Tunnel of Atlantis, which was formed following the eruption of the Monte Corona volcano.  In several places, the tunnel has caved in, creating jameos (large holes in the roof). Some of these openings have been converted into art and cultural venues such as the Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes, which has a concert hall!

The lively and vibrant Teguise market

Teguise is 15 km from Arrecife and hosts a market every Sunday morning. It’s a great place to find beautiful hand-crafted objects and to buy some of the island’s local produce. Listen to the music as you wander around the stalls and make the most of your visit by popping to see the town’s traditional white houses.


Lapas with mojo verde

Lapas with mojo verde

The islanders make lots of different seafood dishes. Why not treat yourself to a plate of lapas! Lapas are limpets cooked in the traditional Canarian way. When you order these little black or white molluscs, they come drizzled with mojo verde, a coriander sauce. 

Frangollo, a Canarian dessert

Finish your meal with a Canarian sweet treat: frangollo. Frangollo is made with milk, honey, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, a touch of citrus fruit and cornflour. It’s not made using gofio, a type of Canarian flour used in many other local recipes. Frangollo tastes a bit like a creamy semolina pudding.

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