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The extended terminal billi is now operational


The extended terminal billi is now operational
The terminal for low-cost airlines has been enlarged to cope with rapid growth.
Construction of a new Arrivals building, the creation of two new departure lounges and waiting areas, and new services... Bordeaux Airport confirms its development strategy for low-cost airlines. This week the terminal billi, unique in France, opened its 1000m2 extension designed to receive arriving passengers, and two extra, larger departure lounges in the departures building. A new concept in bar/catering outlets, DELI&CIA, and the Relay shop will open on 19 June. The new waiting area and redesigned duty-free areas will be operational in winter 2015-2016 so as not to disrupt the tourist high season.

With 1.5 million passengers in 2014 and growth of +11.1% already at the end of May, low-cost traffic in Bordeaux represents a key development segment. Keen to improve the quality of services for passengers and also for airlines, Bordeaux Airport carried out major work on the terminal billi last winter in response to overcrowding during summer 2014.

The expansion work focused on three main objectives:
- Optimisation of the capacities and functions of the terminal.
- Improving the passenger experience.
- Increase in the airport’s commercial revenues.

The Arrivals building
In line with the original concept imagined for this terminal created from scratch in 2010, the new arrivals hall is 10 metres away from the old building. This area has been converted into a covered waiting area for people coming to meet passengers and has views of the runway. Landing routes have been reorganised for arriving passengers. The building offers simpler, more straightforward navigation routes, also ensuring a friendlier welcome.

Two new departure lounges
The departures building has been rearranged to accommodate two new departure lounges, to add to the existing four, without making structural changes or increasing the existing surface area. These lounges are larger, brighter and will improve the comfort of those waiting to board.

A more user-friendly terminal
Inside the terminal, the emphasis is on comfort and hospitality. A new security checkpoint in addition to the existing two will facilitate access to the boarding area allowing faster clearance times.

Finally, the aim of the new design in the offering of shops and bars/restaurants is to enable a more enjoyable retail experience, in keeping with the overall concept of the terminal billi. Expansion and redevelopment of the retail space will be carried out in two stages, with an area increasing from 1000m2 to 1500m2.

On 19 June, the new Relay shop and a new concept of bar and fast food outlet will open. DELI&CIA managed by Elior will propose a self-service offering of fresh products to take away or eat in a bright and colourful space with different atmospheres to meet the desires of travellers.

Finally, work on the new duty-free area, managed by
Aelia, will begin in October to cause the least possible inconvenience to travellers during the tourist high season. These new offerings will be rolled out in early 2016, with preference given to walk-through shops and “satellite” shops.

Features of the terminal billi (Departures and Arrivals buildings): Total area 5,600 m²
Features of the new building: Total area 1,000 m²
New capacity: 2.5 million passengers a year
6 aircraft stations and 6 pre-boarding lounges, i.e. 900 passengers can depart simultaneously
Waiting area and shops: 1500 m2 (+50%)
Design and Deployment contracter: Dune Construction Group – Architecture agency Dufon – Secotrap- Spie Sud-Ouest