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New developments for the car parks at Bordeaux Airport


Presenting P1 Proxi, a car park located near the airport for quick access to the terminals, and new online rates for each car park.

Car park P1 Proxi
The new P1 Proxi is located just opposite the terminals. With this new car park, Bordeaux Airport is offering a parking solution that meets the expectations of business customers in particular: a parking space right near the terminals for quick access.

P1 Proxi is best adapted to short trips, offering the possibility of arriving at the airport at the last minute, and boarding a flight a few moments later.

Drivers can book a space from their computer (and soon from their smartphone) on the airport website,

P1 Proxi’s 375 parking spaces round out the offer of spaces available for online booking.

Bordeaux Airport provides a diversified offer of cark parks and parking solutions, with 5 short, medium, or long-term car parks adapted to the needs of each type of customer.
The platform currently includes over 7,000 parking spaces.

Attractive rates on the website
With the aim of providing a better welcome for the over 5 million travellers it hosts on a yearly basis, Bordeaux Airport has introduced a range of attractive rates that may only be booked on the website, so that travellers can be guaranteed a parking space at the car park of their choice before boarding their plane.

- Weekend packages (only for the P0 Confort, P1 Proxi and P2 Flexi car parks)
These rates offer parking for up to 4 days, between Friday and Monday, in the cark parks
P0 Confort, P1 Proxi and P2 Flexi, located near the terminals, for a flat rate, including booking fees.

€28 3-day weekend, for an arrival Friday after 12.01am and departure Sunday before 11.59pm
€36 4-day weekend, for an arrival Friday after 12.01am and departure Monday before 11.59pm

- Cheaper rates with the P4 Long-term car park
This new offer, available only on the website, meets the needs of many customers who are leaving for a long trip. The P4 Long-term car park, praised by air passengers for its proximity to the terminals, its free shuttles and constant low prices, now enables travellers to benefit from an even lower rate by reserving their spaces in advance for periods exceeding 4 days.

For example
€34.50 weekly package from 4 to 8 days (booking fees included).

The free parking system is also a noteworthy feature: 1 out of every 4 vehicles parks for free at Bordeaux Airport, thanks to the free 10 minutes in the P Express car park, and the free 30 minutes in the P2 Flexi car park. A total of approximately 350,000 vehicles benefited from this service in 2015, out of the 1.4 million vehicles that entered the car parks.