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Stores and services

Shops and restaurants

What food and drink options are there after security?

Our three terminals have a host of different bars and fast-food options. You'll find a comprehensive list of all our bars and restaurants here. Use our dynamic maps to find a restaurant that appeals to you.

Can I buy canelé cakes before boarding?

You'll find them in all 3 terminals, both before and after you pass through the checkpoints! Discover the Baillardran and La Toque Cuivrée brands.

What days and times do the airport's shops and restaurants open?

The shops and restaurants at Bordeaux Airport are open 7 days a week, with opening hours that are adapted to flight schedules.

What shops operate out of Bordeaux Airport?

You'll find a comprehensive list of all our shops here.

Services available

Does the airport offer free WiFi?

Yes, you can get 3 hours of free WiFi in all of Bordeaux Airport's Halls.

How do I connect to the WiFi?

To use Bordeaux Airport's free WiFi:

  • Make sure you have a mobile device with WiFi access (laptop, PDA, smartphone, etc.). Make sure you disable your browser's proxy servers.
  • Follow standard procedure for connecting your device to a WiFi network, and select 'HotSpot Aeroport de Bordeaux'.
  • Fill in the form to get connected.
  • Enjoy 3 hours of free WiFi.
Are there waiting lounges at the airport?

There are two waiting lounges located in the boarding area: in Hall B you will find the lounge dedicated to eligible Air France customers and in Hall A, take advantage of a paying lounge open to all depending on the traffic. 

Can I rent an office or meeting room at the airport?

Meeting rooms, lounges and offices are available on reservation on level 2 of Hall A.
A catering service is offered according to your needs.

Can I smoke inside the airport?

Our terminals are strictly non-smoking spaces in accordance with Article L.3511-7 (Decree no. 2006-1386 dated 15 November 2006) on the conditions related to smoking bans in public spaces. You can smoke outside the terminals.

Do the terminals have special facilities for babies and children?

Changing tables are available in most of the women's toilets in public areas and boarding areas.
High chairs and booster seats are available in the restaurants.

I need to change some money. Can I do this at the airport?

A bureau de change is located on the departures level of Hall A and within the Terminal billi in the boarding area.

Are there cash points at the airport?

Yes, there are several cash points to choose from: 

  • Hall A in Arrivals, next to Chez Jean.
  • Hall A in Departures, in the tour operators' area.
  • Hall B in Arrivals, near the toll machines.
  • billi Yerminal, in Arrivals.

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Hotels and access

What hotels are closest to Bordeaux Airport?

You'll find a detailed list of hotels here.

I have a very early flight to catch. Can I sleep at the airport?

No, unfortunately you cannot sleep at the airport. Our terminal opening hours are based on our flight schedules. We advise you to book a nearby hotel.

Duty Free and tax refunds

Are Duty Free liquids allowed on-board?

Yes, these liquids are permitted, irrespective of when and where they were purchased, provided they are still in their original sealed bags. Receipts and proof of purchase must be clearly visible through the bag. This proof must demonstrate that the purchase was made from Bordeaux Airport or a named airline.

Where is the Duty Free area and how can I benefit from tax refunds?

The Duty Free area is in the boarding area, just after security checks in Hall A and the billi Terminal. You'll find a wide selection of products to choose from, from food and drink to cosmetics. Don't miss out on exclusive products you won't find anywhere else: perfect as a souvenir or gift for someone special.  
Please note that Duty Free is only available to passengers travelling outside the European Union.

How can I get a tax refund on my purchases?

Passengers who live outside the European Union can buy merchandise in France with VAT deducted. At Bordeaux Airport, you'll first need to have your tax refund slip stamped by customs. Customs is located in Hall B in Departures.