Self-service portable battery

Naki, network of automated portable battery stations


6 portable battery rental stations in Hall A and billi terminal
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Recharge your electronic device while waiting for your flight.

To make a rental, 3 options are available on the kiosks:

Option 1: Rental directly with the camera

Without the need to download an application, use your phone's camera, scan the station's QR code, enter a payment method and pick up the battery provided.

Option 2: Rental via the mobile application

Download the application on your smartphone, scan the QR code of the station and the battery is ejected from the station. Thanks to the application, the user can find where to rent and/or drop off a Naki battery thanks to the map that displays the partners.

Option 3: Rent directly with your credit card

You can pay directly with your credit card thanks to the payment terminal attached to the station. This allows you to unlock a battery in less than 10 seconds without having to use your phone.

The rate: 1€ / 30 min and 6€ max. the day. You can pay with your phone or your credit card.

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