Set along the banks of the Rhine, Basel is perfect for an artistic getaway!

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5 good reasons to go to Basel

Going back in time and style
Going back in time and style
Visiting Basel does not only mean strolling through its pretty streets. It also means stopping time. The Swiss city will surprise you with its mixture of architectural styles. The cathedral, Town Hall and Mittlere Brücke are reminders of Basel's past, whereas the Exhibition Hall, Novartis Campus and Roche Tower turn it towards the future.
Switzerland’s cultural capital
Switzerland’s cultural capital
Basel deserves this title, without a doubt. There is something for everyone in this city brimming with museums: anatomy, archaeology, history, paper, nature, pharmacy, and more. Exhibitions and gatherings are regularly organised. Rare are the cities with as many cultural sites.
Art at the forefront
Art at the forefront
Lots of Basel’s museums are dedicated to art. Some even to street art: Basel provides free areas to graffiti artists where they can let their imagination run free. Book a flight to Basel and admire these works of art scattered throughout the city.
A river like no other
A river like no other
The Rhine flows through the city. Basel’s inhabitants do not simply gaze at the Rhine, they live with it. Pedestrians can sail its waters and cross over in a ferry. More surprising still, the Swiss swim in the river! Beaches have been set up along the banks to swim peacefully and safely.
A jam-packed agenda
A jam-packed agenda
Basel is a lively city and organises many events throughout the year. The year starts off with the famous carnival, with its hundreds of impressive costumes. In June, Art Basel attracts lots of contemporary art enthusiasts. Then, in August, join in the Rheinschwimmen and take a refreshing dip in the Rhine River.

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Culture and history

The cathedral, Basel’s icon

When walking through the city, you will no doubt come across the Basler Münster - Basel’s Cathedral. This Protestant place of worship was built over 1,000 years ago. The unusual red sandstone gives the cathedral a particular feel. If you climb the towers, you will get a beautiful view of the city. 

A flamboyant Town Hall

A flamboyant Town Hall

The Marktplatz, right in the heart of the city, is surrounded by incredible buildings. The gold medal goes to the Rathaus - the Town Hall. Its red façade leaves no one indifferent.The building was erected in the 15th and 16th centuries, and restored during the 19th century. As for the belfry, it was only added in the early 20th century. The courtyard reveals an unexpected display of frescos, not to be missed!

An open-roof hall

An open-roof hall

Be it for an exhibition, trade fair or gathering, go to Basel’s Exhibition Hall thanks to a direct flight from Bordeaux. This contemporary construction by Herzog and Meuron contrasts with the old town’s medieval monuments.The cornerstone of this creation is “The eye on the sky”, a huge well designed into the roof.


A beer at the Brauerei Fischerstube

A beer at the Brauerei Fischerstube

Those who want to drink a craft beer in Basel should head to the Brauerei Fischerstube. Beer has been brewed there for about 40 years.The brewery can be visited, and you can then settle down in the restaurant. Drinking a beer is pleasant, but could indulging in a beer fondue be even better? You can be the judge of that.

Basel’s historical restaurant

Fancy tasting a Swiss meal in a traditional setting? Head to the Löwenzorn in the old town! This restaurant is a favourite for locals and tourists alike. The rooms are adorned with beautiful old woodwork, enhanced with carnival decorations.


Läckerli, the Swiss biscuit

Läckerli, the Swiss biscuit

You cannot leave Basel without tasting some läckerlis! This speciality has existed since the 15th century. Very similar to ginger bread, it is also made with lots of spice and all things nice. There are several sorts - with honey, candied fruit and dried fruit.

Delicious Basel salmon

Basel has other culinary surprises in addition to its biscuits. Why not try Basel-style salmon? Lemon juice is poured over the fish, which is then browned in a pan. The white wine, butter, fish stock and shallot sauce contrasts with the acidity of the lemon. The salmon is served with sautéed onions.

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