Culture and nature combine, making Geneva a must-see destination!

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5 good reasons to go to Geneva

Explore Swiss history
Explore Swiss history
Geneva’s city centre has many treasures. As you walk around, you will discover that Jean Calvin - patron of the Reformation - left his mark in many places: St Pierre cathedral, the Calvin college, the Reformation Wall (in the Bastions park), as well as other historical marvels, such as the Maison Tavel - the oldest in the entire city.
A wide variety of activities out on the lake
A wide variety of activities out on the lake
Set on the banks of Lake Geneva, the city is brimming with leisure activities. The main attraction is its water jet - the largest in Europe - that rises up to 140 m high. It is the city’s symbol. The lake is perfect for partaking in many different activities. Sailing, kayak, swimming, walking along the shoreline or going on a boat ride - anything is possible.
Getaways to the mountain
Getaways to the mountain
Not far from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Geneva is the perfect starting point for going skiing during the winter. Avoriaz, Megève, Les Houches and many other resorts open the doors to their refreshing slopes. The mountains can also be enjoyed during the summer - for hiking through majestic landscapes.
The city with 21 museums!
The city with 21 museums!
Geneva is a cultural city with its 21 museums! Which would you prefer to visit - the Art and History Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Ceramic Museum, the Red Cross Museum or the Clock-making Museum? Such a wide selection. Geneva is home to international institutions, and as such you can discover the Palace of Nations.
The Swiss wine route
The Swiss wine route
A vast wine-growing territory of close to 1,500 hectares surrounds the city. Driving along Geneva’s wine route should be an integral part of your trip. It crosses Satigny, Lully, Soral, Cologny and many more places. The wines have the AOC certification. Enchanting landscapes and wine tastings make for a wonderful getaway.

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Culture and history

A surprising cathedral

A surprising cathedral

The St Pierre reformed protestant cathedral appears as a rather unusual building. Its façade shows Roman, Gothic and Neo-Classical influences. You can take in the breath-taking view of the city from the top of the north tower. Yet to enjoy it, it will take a climb up 157 steps. An archaeological site is hidden away beneath the cathedral, the remains of which date back to Antiquity.

The Palace of Nations

The Palace of Nations

The United Nations’ most beautiful offices are located in Geneva, and more precisely in the Palace of Nations in the Arena park. A guided tour will teach you about the UN and the building’s history. This fascinating place welcomes visitors behind the scenes of major international NGOs.

The Red Cross Museum

Home to many NGOs, Geneva also houses the Red Cross Museum - the only one in the world. With its contemporary lay-out and fun installations, the permanent exhibition "The Human Adventure" presents you with the Red Cross’ main tasks. Temporary exhibitions are also regularly organised.


Music to our ears at Victoria Hall

Music to our ears at Victoria Hall

Enjoy a wonderful evening out at Victoria Hall, the magnificent world-renowned concert hall. Victoria Hall essentially hosts classical music concerts, but you can also listen to jazz and popular music.

Delve into the Baths district

Right in the heart of Geneva, the Baths district is in full bloom. Here, more than fifteen galleries and contemporary art museums draw in visitors from Switzerland and abroad to learn about their culture. Stick around for a fun night out in one of the many bars. Four times a year, the Nuit des Bains (Night of the Baths) is held, during which the galleries host open-doors evenings.


PGI cured meats

In addition to the unbeatable Gruyère fondue, there are many other dishes to be tasted in Geneva. Longeole is one of the best PGI-labelled examples (Protected Geographical Indication). This large pork sausage is seasoned with fennel seeds. It is traditionally served with cardoon gratin or potatoes.

Cardoon gratin

Cardoon gratin

Cardoons are particularly appreciated in the Swiss city of Geneva. From the same family as the artichoke, it actually tastes more like chard. Locals in Geneva often use cardoon in their recipes. It is cooked then placed in a dish, before being covered in bechamel sauce. A little-known delight beyond the Swiss border.

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