Casablanca is a place for magic and tradition, mixed in with a touch of modernity, for a surprising getaway!

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5 good reasons to go to Casablanca

A city of contrasts
A city of contrasts
Anchored to its past yet turned towards the future, Casablanca is a fascinating place given its many architectural currents. In the Habous and Old Medina area, tradition flirts with Art Deco and Neo-Moorish styles; whereas the Morocco Mall and Casablanca Nearshore business centre bring a modern touch.
Refined and spicy dishes
Refined and spicy dishes
To get past any preconceived ideas, you must try out the local gastronomy when staying in Casablanca. Moroccan cuisine is not only about couscous. Pastilla, taktouka, lamb with pears and more are also on the menu in restaurants. Remember that mint and spices are added to most dishes.
Strolling around the souks and markets
Strolling around the souks and markets
Markets are springing up everywhere in Morocco’s economic capital. Though you can find a bit of everything, the Habous souk will delight olive-lovers. The central market fills the air with smells of fresh fruit and fish. Lastly, the Derb Ghallef souk is dedicated to electronic equipment, clothing and furniture.
A destination for sport-lovers
A destination for sport-lovers
Thanks to its Atlantic coast location, Casa is a prized destination for surfers. The time has come to buy your plane ticket to Casablanca and try out some water sports. Perhaps you would prefer practising your swings. The city boasts three golf courses, ideal for beginners and seasoned golfers alike.
Strolling between land and sea
Strolling between land and sea
Are you short of ideas for a walk? After a day in the sun, head to the beach for a walk in the water. If you prefer to keep your feet dry, the coastal road also boasts a beautiful ocean view. The Murdoch gardens and Arab League Park have lovely green and refreshing areas to walk in.

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Culture and history

A historical maze

If you wish to meet Casablanca locals and stroll through the city’s streets, head to the medina! This historical heart of the city only dates back to the 18th century. The old medina was seriously damaged by an earthquake. When walking through it, you may pass the Grande Mosque, the Sidi el Kairouan sanctuary, the Sqala square and the city’s ramparts.

A mosque that beats all records

A mosque that beats all records

The biggest mosque in Morocco boasts a slender minaret - the tallest in the world - rising up into Casablanca’s skyline. Zellige tiles and stucco adorn the religious monument, giving it a traditional Moroccan appeal. This magnificent masterpiece from the 1990s is home to a prayer room, hammam and museum.

A mystic island

A mystic island

All the way to the South of Casablanca, a surprising island rises from the sea. It houses Sidi Abderrahmane’s mausoleum - a marabout with the power to walk on water, as legend has it. Nowadays, fortune tellers are all over the place for palm readings. The small island is far from peaceful and hordes of people looking for a prediction flock there.


Sqala for a traditional meal

Sqala for a traditional meal

The Sqala café is a small haven in the old medina. Make the most of your stay to discover the shaded courtyard - where time seems to have stopped. The pretty blue fountain is a truly attractive feature. Typical Moroccan food is served there. Couscous, pastillas, pastries, mint tea, and more: there is something for everything in this 100% local restaurant.

Outing to the Villa des Arts

As an extremely dynamic cultural centre, the Villa des Arts opens its doors to the public for contemporary art exhibitions, events and shows. Shows, plays and concerts are organised in this Art Deco-style edifice. Its purpose is both to promote Moroccan culture and boost exchanges between Morocco and artists from all over.


Taktouka, the Moroccan salad

If you want to try something other than couscous and tagine that delight travellers’ taste buds, why not opt for taktouka? This Moroccan starter can also be served as a side to fish as a main course. Peppers, tomatoes, spices and herbs combine to create a colourful salad. Served lukewarm.

Pastillas, a brick pastry pie

Pastillas, a brick pastry pie

This exquisite pie is one of the country’s most refined dishes. Traditionally made with chicken and almonds, Moroccan pastillas can be made with lots of different sweet and savoury fillings. The only ingredient that does not change is the brick pastry. Once cooked, the pie is golden and crunchy.

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