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As Germany’s fashion capital, Düsseldorf provides a snapshot of the Rhine and its culture!

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5 good reasons to go to Düsseldorf

Architecture bursting with contrasts
Architecture bursting with contrasts
Düsseldorf exudes a uniquely charming atmosphere. On the one hand, the Altstadt disctrict is home to some of the city's most beautiful old-town historical assets. On the other, the city reveals many skyscrapers around its Medienhafen. This media port is a former harbour, now brought up to date by renowned architects.
Düsseldorf, the “little Paris”
Düsseldorf, the “little Paris”
The city essentially owes its nickname to Königsallee. Düsseldorf’s most beautiful avenue is also its most luxurious. Rivalling the Champs-Élysées, what locals call the “Kö” is lined with high-end shops. If you are looking for designer clothes or accessories, you can shop to your heart’s content in this street.
The longest beer bar in the world
The longest beer bar in the world
Düsseldorf holds the world record for the number of places that serve beer! The city counts close to 300 bars and drinking areas. If you like beer, you have to taste an Altbier - an iconic local brew. Thanks to places like this, Germany is sure to remain king of beer.
Bustling cultural life and festivities
Bustling cultural life and festivities
Düsseldorf is a lively city that will whisk you away in a whirlwind of entertainment. In addition to its animated nightlife, the city also comes to life during its wonderful carnival. Celebrations start on 11 November, and don't stop until Ash Wednesday. Düsseldorf’s cultural life also includes art museums such as the K21, and street art.
Havens of fresh air along the Rhine
Havens of fresh air along the Rhine
Nature in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is also very present. Hofgarten and Südpark are beautiful places to go for some fresh air. The city also has the largest Japanese garden in Europe. Düsseldorf has turned the river banks of the Rhine running through it into pleasant paths to walk on.

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Düsseldorf from the sky

Düsseldorf from the sky

Just like Berlin, Düsseldorf has a TV Tower - the Rheinturm. It rises about 170 m off the ground and welcomes visitors for a 360° view. You can have a drink or a bit to eat in the exceptional bar-restaurant. At night, the side of the tower displays the time. It is the largest digital clock in the world.

In the new port

The Medienhafen is an old port, now turned into a trendy area where offices and bars mingle. Renowned architects such as Frank Gehry and Steven Holl brought a futuristic touch to it, whilst preserving the port-side feel. Guided tours of the Medienhafen will take you to the most surprising buildings.

Barbarossa’s Castle

Barbarossa’s Castle

A wonderful treasure is hidden away to the North of Düsseldorf - the Imperial Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth palace. The architectural complex built under Henry III and later owned by Barbarossa is now in ruins. Yet the remains are still extremely impressive. The digs make it possible to imagine the site’s overall structure.


An exhilarating evening at the Biergarten

An exhilarating evening at the Biergarten

Beer-lovers cannot miss out on this amazing opportunity! In Düsseldorf, like elsewhere in Germany, there are biergarten, or “beer gardens”. Long tables are set up to welcome everyone. Beer is obviously at the forefront, served with local dishes. Enjoy in moderation!

From Düsseldorf to Japan

What if you also bought a ticket to Japan by travelling to Düsseldorf? There is a large Japanese community living there. Head to Stadtmitte, the city’s Asian district, for a fun night out on the town. Opt for a complete change of scenery in the karaoke or sake bars.


A German casserole

A German casserole

To cook a delicious sauerbraten, meat (beef or poultry) is marinated in vinegar, wine, vegetables and spices. After three days, the meat is cooked in a sauce made from the marinade to which raisins are added. Very similar to the French “bœuf bourguignon” or other kinds of casseroles, sauerbraten is served with cabbage and potatoes.

Savoury pancakes

Speckpfannkuchen are half-way between savoury pancakes and omelettes. Speckpfannkuchen batter is heated in a frying pan just like pancakes, with bacon. They can they be folded or rolled, and filled with cream for instance.

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