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Set off for the capital of Bade-Wurtemberg, the gateway to the heart of Europe.

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5 good reasons to go to Stuttgart

A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air
It may come as a surprise, but this car-making city is one of the greenest in Germany! Is it thanks to the hills surrounding Stuttgart? Some 500 streets end in steps! The perfect place to walk and admire the view.
A spirit of modernism
A spirit of modernism
The Weissenhof Estate, the City Library, the TV Tower or the Stuttgart Art Museum will impress you with their highly modern architecture, often taken as a reference. The latest project is the huge works to the central train station, due to finish shortly.
Home of car-making
Home of car-making
Daimler invented the first mass-produced petrol motor in Stuttgart. Today, the city's flagship companies are Porsche and Mercedes-Benz and their incredible museums. Not to mention Motorworld, which houses a collection of hundreds of models on a former army base.
Take to the heights
Take to the heights
The TV Tower offers the highest vantage point of the city. At 217 metres high, this local icon has served as a model for replicas worldwide. The platform offers a 360° view of Stuttgart, the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest.
Spick and span
Spick and span
Did you know that the citizens of Stuttgart must take turns to sweep the streets and public areas around their homes? This ancient but enduring system probably explains why the city is so clean and pleasant.

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Culture and history



The Stuttgart Fine Arts Museum houses more than 800 artworks from the Renaissance to the present day, making this one of the finest collections in Germany. Practically all movements from the 20th century are represented through truly priceless works.



Stuttgart's central square is overlooked by a superb Versailles-style castle. The square forms the stage for the Sommerfest concerts in summer, and the magnificent Christmas market in winter.

Altes Schloss, the ancient castle

Altes Schloss, the ancient castle

This splendid building houses the highly interesting Wurtemburg Museum devoted to the region's history, liturgical texts and the treasure of the Wurtemberg kings. Don't miss the beautiful Renaissance-style inner court, which you can access for free.

The Bean District

Bohnenviertel with its small laneways is a pleasant district for a stroll. Its comical name dates from the period when its working-class residents planted beans in front of their homes. Explore its quaint half-timbered houses and stop for a drink at one of the charming terrace bars.

Go out


This could be translated as 'tavern' but 'wine bar' is a more popular term today. There is something for every taste here, from the trendiest to the most typical. The cellars sometimes open directly onto the wine estate. If you want explore local wines further, why not venture to the Neckar Valley.



This trendy district is popular with young people. Locals say it is always a little sunnier here than the rest of the city. That may explain why the best ice-creams and cocktail bars are also to be found here.


Cannstatter Volksfest

Cannstatter Volksfest

The equivalent of the Munich Oktoberfest, where beer flows for two weeks from late September to early October, and everyone is either merry or unsteady, depending on which time you go out. To add to the festive spirit, beer is generally accompanied by curry sausages.

Stuttgarter Weindorf

Wine lovers also have their festival and are not afraid to challenge those who prefer hops. Everyone gets their week! For wine, it's generally late August or early September. An occasion to sample delicious white wines in a lively atmosphere.

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