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Ryanair new routes from Bordeaux

Following the low cost airline Ryanair's announcement about his new air base's opening, discover the 16 new routes in direct flight from Bordeaux

Bordeaux - BariFlights Bordeaux - Bari every monday and friday 
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

Take off for Bari and enjoy the beauty and generosity of the Puglia region. The green landscapes alternate between natural parks and cultivated plains bordered by a sparkling coastline.

Flights Bordeaux - Cologne every monday, wednesday and friday
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

The city panorama offered by Cologne is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Cologne is also famous for its museums which house some outstanding collections. Commercially dynamic, this university town on the Rhine is also famous for its impressive carnival.

Flights Bordeaux - Copenhagen every tuesday, thursday and saturday
From April 2 to October 26, 2019

Architecture, nature, culture, gastronomy, Copenhagen is savored smoothly. Naturally green, the small Danish metropolis built on an island, crossed by many canals, develops a unique way of life.


Flights Bordeaux - Krakow every monday and friday
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

The city of Poland's kings is no longer the capital of the country, however, it has lost nothing of its splendor of yesteryear. First of all, its medieval historic heart, the Stare Miasto, surrounded by ramparts classified since 1978 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Flights Bordeaux - Dublin every thursday and sunday
From April 4 to October 24, 2019

Dublin has become the European Silicon Valley in ten years, despite this economic transformation, has maintained a typically Irish way of life, between conviviality, humor and serenity. Cheers, you are in Dublin!

Destination also served by Aer Lingus.

FezFlights Bordeaux - Fes every wednesday and sunday
Starting on October 28, 2018

Rich in a unique cultural history, Fes alone represents Morocco in its authenticity and diversity. The oldest Moroccan imperial city, Fes, between the Rif Massif and the Middle Atlas was the first capital of the kingdom.

Destination also served by Air Arabia.


FezFlights Bordeaux - Lisboa every monday, wednesday, thursday and sunday
From April 1st to October 24, 2019

Beautiful Lisboa, capital of Portugal and shaped by centuries of glory, symbolises the renewal of the country which hosted Expo 1998. Lisbon, the white city, embraces the visitor in a thousand ways, in a thousand scents and colours.

Destination also served by easyJet and TAP Air Portugal.

Flights Bordeaux - Manchester every wednesday and sunday
From April 3 to October 23, 2019

The port of North West England, the birthplace of many pop bands, has a sporting culture like no other with Manchester United, a legendary football club known around the world.

Destination also served by easyJet.

Flights Bordeaux - Marrakech every monday and friday
Starting October 29, 2018

The Red City of Marrakech offers almost a thousand years of history to be explored. In the centre of Morocco, the city is almost constantly bathed in sunshine and overflows with the cultural riches of the Kingdom. Marrakech is surrounded by the snow-capped Atlas Mountains but is also the gateway to the desert.

Destination also served by Royal Air Maroc, TUI fly and easyJet.

Flights Bordeaux - Marseille every day of the week
From April 1st to October 26, 2019

The Phocaean city, a major port of the Mediterranean radiates vitality, always at the heart of the news and innovation and seems to never stop its economic and artistic progress.

Destination also served by HOP! and easyJet.

Flights Bordeaux - Mykonos every sunday 
From April 7 to October 20, 2019

This little island, reputed as being the most festive of the Greek Islands. The little white alleys of its capital are still the same on the outside, although the buildings now house bars, art galleries and designer boutiques from which a highly contemporary culture is emerging.

Flights Bordeaux - Nantes every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

Less than an hour from Bordeaux, Nantes, the first city of Western France attracts with its economic dynamism, its flattened architecture and a modern cultural program.

Destination also served by Chalair Aviation.

Flights Bordeaux - Naples every monday and friday
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

Considered by its inhabitants as the most beautiful in the world, Naples is more than 2000 years of architecture, the largest listed historical center in Europe, a spectacular bay with Vesuvius, a volcano still active.

Destination also served by Volotea.

Flights Bordeaux - Ouarzazate every tuesday and saturday
From April 2 to October 26, 2019

Ouarzazate is your gateway to the great Moroccan South. It is an inevitable destination for explorers of the magnificent landscapes produced by the encounter between the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. In this spectacularly authentic setting, it’s always time for an adventure.

Flights Bordeaux - Tangier every wednesday and sunday
From April 3 to October 26, 2019

Between the shores of the Mediterranean and the abrupt rocky backdrop of the Rif region, the north of Morocco is one of the country’s most appealing areas. Make it a priority to visit, now that ten years of renovation work have come to an end and the city is ready to seduce travellers.

Flights Bordeaux - Treviso every monday, wednesday and friday
From April 1st to October 25, 2019

Treviso looks a little like its famous neighbour, Venice. Poets named it the “courteous city”. This authentic site is the ideal base from which to explore Veneto, the Prosecco vineyards and, of course, Venice, which can be reached easily by bus (even from the airport) or by train.

ValenciaFlights Bordeaux - Valencia every wednesday and saturday
Starting October 31, 2018

Traditional or avant-garde, Valencia offers all possibilities to its visitors. As a seaside city as well as a city with a rich Gothic heritage, the 3rd city of Spain surprises with its economic dynamism its diversity and especially its modernity.


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