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Explore Munich and Frankfurt with direct flights from Bordeaux

Lufthansa's summer schedule offers transport from Bordeaux to two iconic German destinations: Munich with five flights per week, and Frankfurt with daily services, sometimes up to twice a day. Both cities, distinct in their atmosphere, provide rich and varied experiences for travellers seeking discovery.

Top 5 Activities to Do in Munich

  • Imprégnez-vous de l'histoire en visitant la Marienplatz et ses monuments.
  • Experience the festive atmosphere of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival.
  • Dive into Bavarian authenticity by tasting local specialties.
  • Dance to the rhythm of traditional German music.
  • Explore the stunning English Garden, a peaceful haven in the heart of the city.
  • Immerse yourself in history by visiting Marienplatz and its iconic landmarks.

Top 5 Activities to Do in Frankfurt

  • Explore Frankfurt's old town with its preserved half-timbered houses.
  • Dive into the futuristic architecture of the business district.
  • Visit the Städel Museum, home to a rich collection of artworks.
  • Stroll along the banks of the Main River and enjoy the picturesque views.
  • Sample the famous Frankfurt sausage in a local tavern.

Travel Further: Numerous International Connections from Frankfurt and Munich

For those dreaming of distant adventures, Frankfurt and Munich airports offer connections to exotic destinations worldwide. Enjoy the ease of connections to explore places like Johannesburg, Singapore, Bangkok, Orlando, San Francisco, or Rio de Janeiro.

Choose convenience, comfort, and efficiency with Lufthansa. Direct flights from Bordeaux to Munich and Frankfurt provide privileged access to two must-visit German destinations. Book your seat today and prepare for an enriching experience in these two fascinating cities. Germany has never been closer!

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