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5 good reasons to go to Bergamo

Relax in San Pellegrino’s thermal baths
Relax in San Pellegrino’s thermal baths
San Pellegrino’s sparkling water may be known around the world, but the town’s thermal baths are not so famous. Despite this, many people still visit the town for its baths, which are just 25 km from Bergamo. The crisp, contemporary Belle Époque design are a pleasure to see. Wind down in the warm baths…
The lake region
The lake region
Located on the outskirts of the lake region, Bergamo invites visitors to explore its aquatic oases. From Lake Como or Lake Garlate to Lake Iseo or Lake Endine, the choice is vast! Each one is ideal for boat trips, water sports or hikes around the shores. You can also take the opportunity to explore some of the little villages along the water’s edge.
Museums brimming with art
Museums brimming with art
Art-lovers will adore the CARMI museum at Carrara and the GAMeC modern and contemporary art gallery. The museum is home to thousands of paintings by the greatest Italian artists, such as Botticelli and Raphael. Whilst in the gallery, you can also contemplate work by Kandinsky.
Go green!
Go green!
Bergamo is quite unusual in that it’s surrounded by three different types of landscape: mountains, valleys and plains. Nature-lovers will adore the views! Why not take a stroll in Orobie Bergamasche Park? You’ll be able to see beautiful glaciers and waterfalls, and enjoy the fascinating flora and fauna that populate the park.
Enjoy Lombardy cuisine
Enjoy Lombardy cuisine
The food in Lombardy is just as excellent as elsewhere in Italy. Try some of the local delicacies such as osso buco, veal milanese, polenta, gorgonzola, bresaola (air-dried meat), and more. Obviously, pasta and pizza are also on the menu! And for a sweet treat, the nougat is excellent. Plus, a sparkling wine called Franciacorta is also produced near Bergamo.

To see / do

Culture and history

Climb to the top of Bergamo

Climb to the top of Bergamo

Bergamo has developed on two different levels: the Upper City and the Lower City. The Upper City (Città Alta) houses the old town. Jump aboard the funicular railway to get to the Città Alta. The beautiful Piazza Vecchia is surrounded by historical, palatial buildings. Visit the history museums and religious landmarks, especially the Cathedral and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

Stroll along the ancient city walls

Stroll along the ancient city walls

In the 16th century, the Upper City strengthened its defences and you could only access the city through rather imposing gates. The city wall is around 5 km in length. Tracing its circumference on foot offers unrivalled views of the Lower City. The views are particularly incredible at daybreak and sunset. Visit at different times of the day for a range of amazing photo opportunities.

Bergamo from below

The Lower City has just as much charm as the Upper City. The area boasts opulent Renaissance and Baroque-style palaces. Make sure you visit the Torre dei Caduti memorial tower and its lookout point.  San Vigilio Castle, located just outside the city, is also worth a visit.


Bring your senses to life!

Bring your senses to life!

Make the most of Italian cuisine on Via Bartolomeo Colleoni!  This street is home to lots of little delicatessens, where the handmade, traditional produce will appeal to all of your senses. You’ll also find some nice things to take home as souvenirs. And if you can’t resist the temptation, several restaurants are in close proximity.

The funicular railway café

Are you looking for an unforgettable gourmet experience? Then take a seat in the Caffe’ della Funicolare! In the Upper City by the funicular railway stop, a delightful café overlooking the Lower City awaits. The view is simply spectacular. Whether you’re after a refined meal, quick bite to eat, or just a snack, this café is perfect for taking a little break.


Fall in love with casoncelli

Fall in love with casoncelli

When you visit Bergamo, you must try a local delicacy called Casoncelli alla Bergamasca. It’s a stuffed pasta that looks rather like ravioli. But it’s actual quite different. Casoncelli are filled with a mixture made from eggs, meat, parmesan and breadcrumbs.  What a treat!

Tasty polenta e osei dolce

You must have heard of polenta, which can be savoury or sweet when served with grapes. But you probably haven’t tried polenta e osei dolce. Polenta e osei dolce is a dessert that looks like a bird’s nest. It features layers of genoise sponge with chocolate and hazelnut buttercream and is drizzled with liqueur. The nest is yellow because of the polenta, and a little chocolate bird is placed on top.

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