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Car park

Airport car parks informations

Where can I find a luggage trolley?

There are 20 different trolley points spread out over the P0, P1 and P2 car parks, the drop-off area and the ranks. They are available free of charge in self-service.

Where is the car park desk?

The access and car park desk is in Hall A on the Arrivals floor near Exit 1.

Are the car parks monitored/supervised?

Our car parks are neither monitored nor supervised. They are used at vehicle owners' own risk. The rates charged cover parking costs and do not include security.

I have reduced mobility. What facilities are in place for me?
  • If you are accompanied: we invite you to park at the express parking lot on the PHMR square where you will find a call box to contact assistance. You will have to pay the current rate after the 10 minutes of free parking.
  • If you are traveling alone: we invite you to park in the P2 parking lot (located in front of the terminal) while benefiting from the P4 rate (no-reservation rate).

For those traveling alone, please find below the procedure to follow:

  1. Press the yellow button on the pay station located at the entrance of the P2 parking lot to obtain your parking ticket.
  2. Park in the spaces reserved for disabled persons with reduced mobility with your badge visible on your windshield.
  3. On the day of your arrival, please go to the Parking Department (hall A - first floor - arrivals level) with the documents relating to your disability and your parking ticket so that the parking agent can validate it for you.
  4. On the day of your return, we invite you to go back to the car park service (hall A - first floor - arrivals level) with the documents relating to your disability and your parking ticket so that the Indigo agent can apply the P4 parking lot rate (unreserved rate) instead of the P2 rate.
How high are the barriers in the airport parking lots? (oversize vehicles)

Maximum heights vary from park to park. Drivers of tall vehicles should therefore check if the height allowed in the park is compatible with their car.

  Entrance  Exit  Max. vehicle height Airlock                 
Express parking 2,70m 2,70m 3,00m 0 m (no airlock)
P1 Car park 2,50m 2,50m  2,30m 6,00m
P2 Car park 2,50m 2,40m 2,30m 7,00m
P0 Car park 2,50m 2,50m 1,90m 0 m (no airlock)
Drop-off area 2,50m 2,50m 3,00m 0 m (no airlock)
P4 Car park 2,30m 2,30m Pas de limite 7,00m 


Important: oversized vehicles are not allowed in the P4 parking lot during school vacations and from May to the end of October. During the authorized period, oversize vehicles are not eligible for the reservation service.


The car parks are closed at night but my flight lands at two in the morning. Can I still collect my car?

All car parks open depending on scheduled flight times (arrivals and departures). Don't worry, P4 shuttle timetables are also extended according to flight times.

What's the best car park for me?
  • If you're off on a weekend away: make the most of our weekend offers at the P1, P2 and/or P0 car parks.
  • If you're going away for up to four days: try P1 and P2 near the terminals and P0 (semi-covered). 
  • If you're away for five days or more: our P4 long-stay car park.
Is it a long walk from the P4 car park to the terminal?

No, not at all. A free shuttle drops you off right in front of the terminals. Service is very frequent.

Booking online

On the day I arrive, can I access the car park before the time given on my booking?

You can access the car park 3 hours prior to your scheduled booking time. For example, if you've booked your spot for 10am, you can access the car park at 7am.

Can I change my booking? And what conditions apply if I need to cancel?

You cannot make any changes once you've confirmed and paid for your booking. You do, however, have 14 days after booking during which you can change your mind and cancel. You could also choose our cancellation add-on. For further details, please read the terms and conditions of sale and withdrawal on our website.

I have a large vehicle (camper van, caravan, trailer, coach, etc.). Can I book a parking spot?

Unfortunately, our booking system is not open to larger vehicles. To access our car parks, your vehicle must not exceed the height restrictions applicable to each car park:

  • P0 = 1.90 m maximum;
  • P1 and P2 = 2.30 m maximum.
  • No restrictions apply to P4.
Why am I being asked to provide my vehicle license plate number when booking?

Our P0, P1, P2 and P4 car parks are fitted with an automatic license plate scanner. If you provide your license plate number when booking, the barrier will automatically open when you arrive. Simply take your ticket and park. To leave the car park, simply drive up to the barrier and it will again open automatically! 

I've booked a parking spot: why have I received a code?

If you have not chosen the automatic reading option by entering your license plate number, entering your access code and then OK on the parking entrance terminal is essential to activate your reservation when you arrive at the airport. Any entry without entering your access code will result in the loss of your reservation.

Can I book a parking space?

Yes, our online booking service is open around the clock for the P0, P1, P2 and P4 car parks.
Don't forget to take out cancellation insurance when making your booking in case your flights change.
Please note: disability spaces cannot be booked in advance.

I can't remember which car park my booking is for. What should I do?

You'll find your car park number on your booking confirmation email. Use the intercoms at the car parks' entrance terminals in the event of any problems. A service operator will be on hand to help. 

What are the benefits of booking a parking spot?

Booking a parking spot in advance gives you access to the best rates (€34 for weekends, €36 for short stays, or €34.50 per week). The online payment and license plate scanning system makes it easier for you to get in and out. You'll also enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're guaranteed a spot in the car park of your choice at busy times, such as during school holidays.  

I'm travelling in a group. Can I make a single booking for several vehicles?

No. One booking = one vehicle = one entry = one exit.

How far in advance can I book?

You can book your car park space as far ahead as six months in advance and up to 12 hours before you arrive.

I would like to come with a different vehicle than the one registered at the time of my reservation, how should I proceed?

You cannot modify your reservation, however, when you arrive at the car park, all you have to do is enter your access code (6 digits), then press "OK" to activate the reservation. Pick up your ticket and come in.

Online booking user guide

If I exceed my allocated time, how do I pay the additional fee?

At the time of exit, you must scan your ticket in the terminal then pay the overrun by credit card and press the "receipt" button.

I entered the car park without entering my code. Does it matter?

Entering your code activates your booking. Failing to enter your code when entering the car park and before your ticket is issued will result in your booking being lost. 

I've lost my entrance access code. What should I do?

If you can't find your booking confirmation email, you can use an intercom at one of the entrance terminals to get help from a service operator. You can also contact the car park desk by phone. 

I've lost my ticket to get out. What should I do?

Use the intercom to ask a service operator to check your booking. If you haven't yet run over your allocated booking time, the operator will let you out. If you have run over time, you'll need to go to the car park desk to fill in a lost ticket form.

Can I reuse the same booking multiple times?

No. Once you are in the car park, each ticket is valid for a single exit only.

How do I enter my access code into the car park terminal?
  1. When you arrive, use the keypad to enter your six-digit code.
  2. Validate the code by pressing the 'OK' button.
  3. Wait a moment and then take your ticket.
  4. Enter the car park.
  5. Keep hold of your ticket - you'll need it to get out.


What are the terms of withdrawal?

You have 14 days from the date of your reservation to withdraw.

If you wish to retract in order to cancel your reservation, you only need to do so:

How do I exit the car park with my booking ticket?

Simply scan your reservation parking ticket in the exit terminal. In case of malfunction or problem, please use the intercom. A cashier will answer you.

Can I combine 2 reservations?

No, you do not have the possibility to cumulate 2 reservations. Each reservation must be activated at the entrance of the park with the access code or the plate reading. 1 reservation = 1 car

What happens if I run over my booked parking time?

A flat rate of €15 for every uninterrupted 24-hour stretch will be applied. When making your booking, make sure you allow plenty of time for disembarking off your flight and getting to the car park (collecting your luggage, walking to the car park, etc.).