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I’m doing a project about Bordeaux Airport for my school or university studies. Where can I find the information I need?

Then you are in the right place! Our website’s Corporate section tells you everything you need to know about Bordeaux Airport SA, including the different roles we fulfil, our skills, the environment, our plans and even the Airport’s history.

What does Bordeaux Airport SA do?

Bordeaux Airport SA was awarded the concession to run the airport by the French state. Along with its partners, it oversees all management, maintenance and operations required to keep the airport and its infrastructure running. It also designs and implements a strategy that aims to add value to and develop Bordeaux Airport.

Who are Bordeaux Airport SA’s shareholders?

Several organisations have a stake in Bordeaux Airport SA. While the French state is the majority shareholder, there is also the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, Gironde Council and the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area. The Airport’s nearest towns, Bordeaux and Mérignac, are also shareholders in Bordeaux Airport SA.

Who keeps the Airport running?

French public services, private operators, partners and sub-contractors all help to keep the Airport running, in constant coordination with Bordeaux Airport SA. These different organisations might work in the industrial, commercial or service sectors.
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