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107 direct flights this winter is just one of the many reasons to discover the world from Bordeaux.

With the autumn holidays recently over, the winter high season has now begun at Bordeaux Airport. The choice from 107 direct flights this winter is just one of the many reasons to discover the world from Bordeaux. Offering routes to no fewer than 23 countries, 4 more than last year, Bordeaux confirms its largely international status with more than 60% of its traffic to and from destinations overseas. The number of flights is set to increase this winter with the introduction of 9 new routes and 22 extensions of routes from this summer. From Bordeaux, those in Nouvelle-Aquitaine can escape for a short break in Morocco or Tunisia, a cultural city break in Moscow, Budapest or Prague, or a sunny break in the Canary Islands or Israel.

9 new routes and 1 new company opened this winter in Bordeaux

Vienne de nuit

The Bordeaux Airport network confirms its development towards Eastern Europe.
The Austrian company Lauda, a subsidiary of Ryanair, has landed on Bordeaux's tarmac and now offers services to Vienna, 3 times per week. This imperial capital reveals all its beauty in winter, especially at its Christmas markets.

Pont de Prague

Still in the East, this winter Ryanair is serving 2 magnificent capitals, Prague(1) (Thursday and Sunday) and Budapest(1) (Tuesday and Saturday). While a certain similarity between these 2 cities comes to mind, with a river separating a lower town from an upper town overlooked by a castle, the resemblance ends there. These destinations are waiting to be discovered!

Plage de Tenerife

Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate with a getaway to Tenerife(2) with easyJet (Wednesday and Saturday) or Palermo(2) with Ryanair (Tuesday and Saturday). These islands certainly have something different to offer. Sicily and the Canary Islands both boast exceptional natural and historical treasures.

Port de Nador

Explore Morocco and visit Nador (Thursday and Sunday) and Oujda (Sunday) with Ryanair, both destinations that have never been served until now from Bordeaux. It is certain to be a truly extraordinary journey, discovering the North-East of Morocco and its rich

Place Lille

Finally, Ryanair is adding to its winter connections between Bordeaux and the northern half of France by opening two direct routes to Lille(3) (daily flight) and Strasbourg(3) (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). These connections to 2 cities that are both warm and economically dynamic will delight both tourists and business travellers.

(1) Prague is also served by Volotea. Budapest is also served by WIZZ Air.
(2) Tenerife and Palermo are also served by Volotea.
(3) Lille is also served by Air France and easyJet. Strasbourg is also served by Volotea.

22 summer lines become annual

Some airlines are taking advantage of the winter season to boost their presence at Bordeaux Airport by extending their summer programme into winter.

Panorama Moscou

Ural Airlines, the 3rd largest Russian airline, operates between Bordeaux and Moscow with 2 flights per week (Thursday and Sunday).

Turkish Airlines, named the best airline in Europe on several occasions since 2011, is offering 4 weekly flights this winter to Istanbul. This international hub provides hundreds of connections across every continent, including the Middle East and Asia.

easyJet, Bordeaux airport's leading airline, also operates this winter in Catania (Thursday and Sunday), Lanzarote(4) (Tuesday and Saturday), Granada (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) and Porto(4) (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday).

Ryanair, with the opening of its air base in Bordeaux last spring, confirms its development on our network with 15 flights extended from summer to winter: Bari, Bologna, Brest(5), Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin(5), Krakow, Lisbon(5), Malaga(5), Manchester, Marseille(5), Naples, Ouarzazate, Tangier and Venice(5) Treviso.

Nouvel Air, Tunisia's leading private airline, is continuing its service to Djerba every Tuesday.

(4) Lanzarote is also served by Volotea. Porto is also served by Ryanair.
(5) Brest is also served by Chalair, Dublin by Aer Lingus, Lisbon by easyJet and TAP, Malaga by Volotea and Vueling, Marseille by Air France and easyJet, Venice by easyJet and Volotea.
(6) Agadir is also served by TUI Fly.

Even more travel destinations have been added to the spring-summer 2020 programme.

Two new destinations are already in the pipeline for the upcoming summer season and will be operated by Ryanair. Thessaloniki will offer a refreshing view of Greece as a young and dynamic city facing the Aegean Sea, while Agadir(6) will strengthen the connections to the Moroccan coastline.

The choice of destinations is increasing each season with the availability of occasional charter flights offered by travel agencies:

  • Jordan, Amman/Aqaba with the tour operator Top of Travel: departure on 20 April and 7 September
  • Egypt, Luxor and Fram on 5 April 2020 with Top of Travel on 2 May
  • Montenegro, Podjorica with MTO Travel: departure on 25 May
  • Albania, Tirana with Visit Europe: departure on 2 June

For rugby fans, several exceptional flights to Cardiff and Edinburgh will be chartered for the Six Nations Championship, thanks to sports travel specialists such as Couleur Rugby, Hémisphère Voyages and MyComm.

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