Get ready to swim, enjoy the sunshine and go sightseeing on your trip to Nador!

5 good reasons to go to Nador

Seafront promenade
The seafront promenade
Along the coastal road, everything is calm and luxurious. Take a stroll along the Mediterranean shoreline and forget the hustle and bustle of the nearby city centre. It’s the perfect place for a morning jog and features children's play areas and several parks, making it a promenade quite unlike any other that simply must be visited!
An incredible Nador view
An incredible view
Climb a little higher for breathtaking views of Nador and the Mediterranean Sea! Just eight kilometres from the city, Mount Gourougou is an ideal place to relax and admire the impressive landscapes. Here, you can barbecue sardines, have a picnic, meet the monkeys and enjoy the view over and over again.
A tasty tajine
A tasty tajine Tajine is an emblematic Moroccan dish that you can savour almost anywhere in Nador. You can choose your preferred kind of tajine: beef, chicken with lemon confit and olives, lamb with prunes, and so on.
Explore the surrounding area
From Nador, you can explore the entire north-east of Morocco. Start in the city of Melilla, which is 15 kilometres away and charged with fascinating Iberian history. Then head to Charrana Beach to admire the crystal-clear water, perfect for diving, or to enjoy a picnic in the sun. You can also explore the little coves around Ras Kebdana port!
sandy beach
Sunbathe on a gorgeous sandy beach
El Kallat has to be the most beautiful beach in the area, perfect for relaxing and clearing the mind. The waters are crystal clear, the sand is fine and soft, there are family activities on offer and restaurants overlooking the sea. If this isn’t paradise, then it’s pretty close to it!

To see / do

Culture et histoiry

Visit the Oulad Mimoun souk

Nador Souk

Set aside a good few hours to visit the Oulad Mimoun souk, which features an incredible wealth of stalls and products. Prices are affordable (especially if you haggle), and you can take home both Moroccan and Spanish souvenirs, as the city of Melilla is not that far away. You can also try some of the local sweet treats, all of which are simply delicious!

Mar Chica, the spirit of Morocco

The beach resort of Mar Chica enables Nador to highlight a specific aspect of Morocco: the importance given to ecology. The country embraces both tradition and modernity, and is implementing policies that advocate sustainable development and the conservation of local flora and fauna. This is an intergenerational city to explore with friends or family.

Great for children

The city of Nador has everything to ensure your children enjoy their visit, with numerous play areas set up along the coastal road and beaches. Take the opportunity to spend time as a family while enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean, all with peace of mind.


Go scuba diving

If you want to do something relaxing but a little different, then head down to one of the local beaches and have a go at scuba diving. El Kallat beach is particularly popular for diving, as are the crystal-clear waters at Charrana Beach or the Ras Kebdana coves. You could also go fishing and even barbecue your own catch on the beach!

Cape Three Forks

3 forks in Nador

For a bit of an adventure, head to Cape Three Forks, just a few kilometres from Nador. Cape Three Forks is a headland of volcanic rock that has been hollowed out by erosion to form caves. The views from the cape are stunning, and Tibouda beach, with its small fishermen’s huts, is close by. 


Traditional couscous


You can’t spend a few days in Morocco without trying the delicious couscous, which is cooked in lots of different ways. You can have it plain or with different spices, hot or cold, as a side dish or even as a dessert. In Eastern Rif, carrots and prunes are popular ingredients. The dish is traditionally served on Fridays for lunch, but it’s also available every other day of the week!

Delicious briouats

You can buy both sweet and savoury versions of this little triangular puff pastry. Briouats can be stuffed with minced meat, chicken, cheese or vegetables. The sweet version is made with sugar, orange blossom water, almonds and cinnamon. What a treat!

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