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5 good reasons to go to Bologna

Bologna’s symbols
Bologna’s symbols
Bologna is outlined by sumptuous palaces, slender towers and an infinite number of porticoes. Enjoy the essentials: walk under the Santa Maria dei Servi basilica’s portico, climb the steps of the Asinelli tower and stroll down the corridors of the Archiginnasio palace - the former University.
A city of museums
A city of museums
Art and history are Bologna’s major cornerstones. Most of the magnificent landmarks are home to museums. Bologna’s History, Archaeology and Modern Art museums and the Pinacoteca (the National Gallery) - among others - offer a fun cultural immersion into the city.
Archaeological remains
Archaeological remains
There is more to Bologna than admiring its towers. Antique remains are scattered everywhere around the city. Visitors should also scan the ground to find them. The Salaborsa library conceals an incredible basement: an archaeological site is visible thanks to a glass floor.
Spectacular religious heritage
Spectacular religious heritage
Religious buildings blossom all over Bologna. The Santo Stefano complex, Madonna di San Luca sanctuary on Monte della Guardia and San Michele in Bosco church are three sites that cannot be missed. Cafe Stanze and the Galleria Marabini were established in former places of worship and are also worth a visit.
Must-try gastronomy
Must-try gastronomy
Where to start? Italian cuisine is among the best in the world. In Bologna, egg pasta such as tagliatelle and tortellini are a must. They can be served with a sauce, or stuffed with ham and cheese. Choose an artisanal ice-cream shop for your afternoon treat.

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Culture and history

Palaces of all kinds

Palaces of all kinds

Piazza Maggiore is Bologna’s central square, and is an open-air museum where remarkable buildings stand proud. You will get a 360° view of the square, with the Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo dei Banchi, San Petronio basilica, Palazzo d'Accursio and lastly the Palazzo Re Enzo.

An interdisciplinary university

Built in the 16th century, the Archiginnasio encompasses several Bolognese schools: art, case law and science. The palace is currently occupied by the library and its archives, as well as by the Teatro Anatomico. Body dissection classes used to be given in this splendid lecture hall.

At the top of the towers

At the top of the towers

Not far from the Palazzo della Mercanzia, the 100-metre tall Asinelli tower reaches for the sky. The slightly slanted construction has an unrivalled view. The entire city spreads out beneath it. However to make the most of it, you will need to climb up its 400 wooden steps.


Italian atmosphere at the Quadrilatero

Italian atmosphere at the Quadrilatero

The Quadrilatero is bursting with great places to have a drink or eat. This area in the centre of Bologna boasts a number of typically Italian grocery shops, bars and restaurants. In the same street, you can do your shopping, sip a spritzer and enjoy some delicious tagliatelle with ragù. Colourful houses make this lovely little break even more charming.

Lunch at the Mercato delle Erbe

Just a few steps away from Ghisilieri tower, the Mercato delle Erbe is a fabulous area for a quick lunch. Walking by the stalls filled with flavours and smells will awaken your senses. This taster of Italian cuisine is perfect for building up an appetite. The tables in front of the take-away food stalls are a lovely place to sit and eat.


Real bolognese sauce

Here, spaghetti bolognese does not exist. Don’t let the locals catch you ordering any! The typical sauce here is known as ragù. It is made with minced beef and pork, with a touch of tomato. The sauce is left to simmer for several hours, and served with tagliatelle.

Pasta, yes, but not spaghetti

Pasta, yes, but not spaghetti

Let’s leave spaghetti to its place of origin in Naples. In Bologna, tagliatelle dominate all dishes. Both thicker and wider, they better hold the sauce. Yet what locals in Bologna love the most are tortellini and tortelloni, which are bigger than tortellini. This type of pasta is stuffed with vegetables, ricotta or ham, and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

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