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From 12 June to 12 June 2021 with TUI fly

Rattled by the devastating earthquake in 1960, the city of Agadir was born again from its ashes. Now an acclaimed seaside resort and leading fishing port in Morocco, it charms each of its visitors with its blissful atmosphere. Experience nature, culture, well-being and gastronomy on your trip with a direct flight from Bordeaux.

The Berber city of Agadir has become a must-see destination in Morocco. Head there now!



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From 10 April to 25 September 2021 with Air France

From 01 May to 30 June 2021 with Volotea

From 02 May to 28 October 2021 with easyJet

Discovering Ajaccio means going on a wild adventure. It also means relaxing under the Mediterranean sun, exploring a pronounced island culture and wandering through nature’s many scents. Corsica’s imperial city awaits you!

Ajaccio is a warm and welcoming place that treats its visitors to a unique experience!



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From 17 May to 28 June 2021 with Vueling

Taking a direct flight to Barcelona from Bordeaux is the perfect opportunity to discover a city that has renewed itself and is now open to the rest of the world. Since it hosted the Olympic Games in 1992, the Catalan capital has become a festive, joyful and colourful city, where locals enjoy a good quality of life.

Drawing on its traditions and multicultural appeal, Barcelona is a city with many facets.

From 03 May to 29 October 2021 with easyJet

From 13 May to 04 September 2021 with Air France

From 15 May to 29 June 2021 with Volotea

Welcome to an island full of character! Set between mountains and sea, Corsica is home to several gems like Bastia. This town of art and history takes visitors’ breath away. With its seaside and beautiful hinterland, Bastia is a charming haven you could spend forever in.

Bastia is a picturesque Corsican city with a pinch of originality.

From 17 May to 29 October 2021 with Chalair

Legend has it that Brest, the "Cité du Ponant" perched on the coast, is welcoming and lively. Partially destroyed during WWII, Brest symbolises people’s unwavering desire to reconstruct. New places have emerged on the cultural scene, without blocking out the history of this part of Brittany.

Right at the edge of the continent and surrounded by shorelines, Brest is a city shaped by the sea. A complete change of scenery!

From 26 June to 25 September 2021 with Air France

Calvi shares all its secrets in the narrow streets with their Mediterranean charm. Travelling to Corsica means taking the time to understand its stormy past. It also means delving deep into a unique nature and culture. Calvi will welcome you on your stay in the Balagne region.

Book your flight and go on an adventure to Haute-Corse with a trip to thrilling Calvi.



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From 02 April to 29 October 2021 with Air Arabia Maroc

From 11 June to 29 October 2021 with Royal Air Maroc

From 12 June to 15 June 2021 with TUI fly

As Morocco’s most western city, Casablanca bears testimony to its Franco-Moroccan heritage. Yet it is still marked by its Bedouin roots. Get on board a direct flight from Bordeaux, and land in Casablanca for a trip at a crossroads between different cultures and eras.

Casablanca is a place for magic and tradition, mixed in with a touch of modernity, for a surprising getaway!

From 29 June to 30 October 2021 with easyJet

With Etna in the background, Catania is a city filled with character. Its ability to rebuild after so many eruptions and earthquakes can only inspire respect and admiration. As a true awakening for the senses, Catania will no doubt seduce you.

Jet off to Catania, a passionate city with a thousand delights.

From 01 May to 29 May 2021 with Ryanair

From 20 June to 29 October 2021 with easyJet

Right at the gateway to the Algarve, Faro is the first step to discovering this lovely region! Make the most of your direct flight from Bordeaux to venture into southern Portugal and discover the area’s many marvels. From golden beaches to historical remains, Faro combines many pleasant sights.

Faro and its surroundings will welcome you for a memorable stay in the Portuguese sunshine.

From 01 May to 29 June 2021 with Volotea

From 02 May to 28 October 2021 with easyJet

From 13 May to 25 September 2021 with Air France

From 04 July to 29 September 2021 with Ryanair

The delights of Southern Corsica! Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio fascinate travellers exploring the coastline. However, there are other less-known gems concealed close-by, such as Figari. Sheltered from the crowds, this picturesque village charms visitors with its breathtaking surroundings.

Tucked away in a gulf, Figari is an enchanting place!



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From 30 June to 04 September 2021 with easyJet

You can take a direct flight from Bordeauxto Heraklion, meaning Crete is just a stone’s throw away! Just like a magician, the island casts a spell over you as you lie on its beautiful beaches. And if you love archaeology, you’ll be amazed by all that Crete has to offer. Shine some Mediterranean light over the island’s mysteries.

Crete is a pearl of the Mediterranean sea, a land of legends and natural treasures.

From 29 June to 05 September 2021 with easyJet

Ibiza’s party reputation is just one facet of this enchanting island. There are also heavenly beaches, historical monuments and beautiful landscapes. The Balearic Islands have it all. Book a direct flight from Bordeaux and (re)discover all Ibiza has to offer.

Ibiza is known for being a wild, party island. But it’s also a destination full of surprises and has a peaceful side too!

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